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This week is one we’ve been anticipating for almost a year now as it hosts the transition of Uranus from the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, to the first, Aries.  Accompanied by a Mercury transit, this milestone should be apparent as our conversations, communications, and interactions with others bring Uranus right into our business lives.  In Roman times, Mercury was seen as the Messenger of the Gods and the god of commerce.  Look for a message this week about how you can take advantage of Uranus’ ingress into Aries.

Dutch, 1610. I love his expression; he seems to be contemplating the next era to bring to the world. (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Uranus begins a new cycle

The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are far distant from the Sun.  Their orbits range from 84 years for Uranus to 248 years for Pluto.  These planets represent the long cycles of societal evolution, the discoveries and mass movements in consciousness which form the backdrop to our lives.  When one of these planets changes signs it is marked by breakthroughs in thought and invention that catapult us into the next era.

The transition of Uranus into Aries is an even bigger event than its usual 7-year movement from sign to sign.  Since Pisces is the last sign in the natural zodiac, and Aries is the first, we are looking at a seismic shift, the beginning of a new 84-year cycle.  Uranus has not been in the first sign of the zodiac since 1928.  The whole period from 1928 to 2011 has been one long cycle of creative innovation which is now giving birth to a whole new cycle.

Uranus in Aries

Many astrologers have predicted dire consequences for the next seven years as Uranus wends its way through Aries.  It’s hard to say at the very beginning of a cycle what will eventually unfold but we can look at symbolism and history to form our assumptions.  And we’ve seen some hints ever since the planet Jupiter entered Aries in January.

Aries is the sign ruled by Mars, the Roman god of war.  This hot-headed god tended to act first and think later (if at all).  The Mars energy can be selfish, or at least self-referential, and full of desire.  Mars sees what it wants and takes it.  So it is concerning that Uranus, which brings change, rebellion, and technological advancement, is in cahoots with this god of war.

You can get a sense of Aries if you think about the force inherent in the Spring Equinox.  This powerful time contains the uprushing fever of life, the spark of fire powerful enough to force nature out of dormancy.  We’ve seen this fever across the Middle East and northern Africa lately; I’m sure we’ll continue to see it all over the world as Uranus follows Jupiter into Aries.  We’ll see it too in business inventiveness and scientific advances we can only imagine now.  Uranus itself embodies the principle of change, especially the kind of transitions that occur because of sudden breakthroughs and technological innovations.  Uranus bursts through the barriers of the outworn and traditional and ushers in the new.

Floor mosaic, ca. 200–250 CE. (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

For so many years people have felt powerless to address the challenges of our world, especially those caused by entrenched positions in government, big business, and the military.  But now there is a new movement afoot – Uranus in Aries brings the understanding that we are individually powerful and that each act we perform has the potential to change our world.

This is the positive face of Uranus in Aries:  the one willing to take responsibility for the whole even if that means standing alone to do so; the lone hunter who provides for the entire tribe; the individual with the courage to speak out on behalf of others; the inspired entrepreneur who through her efforts improves other people’s lives.

We won’t be working in concert with others as much as we did when Uranus was in Pisces.  But in breaking free of the crowd we can break free of groupthink, too.  What do we think when we stand outside of the cluster we have identified with?  What is the truth for us alone?  With the courage of Aries, we can act from our own truth.

Uranus in Aries for Business

In business we will probably feel compelled to take risks we would not even have considered in the past.  We may feel confined by the people around us or the structures we’ve implemented and surprise ourselves and others by heading into a brand new direction.  We may seek opportunities for travel and study, or to bring scientific or technical discoveries into our products and services.  We may approach everyday challenges as battles to be fought and won.  We want out of our shell, even if we created it.

This week, with Mercury instant-messaging between us and Uranus, we will sense the fragrance of change coming in the wind.  Don’t ignore this foreshadowing.  It will allow you to catch the energy right at the beginning of this long cycle.

Let’s all watch for signs and signal of Uranus in Aries and let me know in the comments what you detect.

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