Today is the anniversary of the day German-born British astronomer and composer William Herschel discovered the planet Uranus (pictured) in 1781 while in the garden of his house in Bath, Somerset, England, thinking it was a comet.(Source:Wikipedia)

Hello everyone.

Mercury continues to be bright and active this week.  After last week’s conjunction to Uranus and square to Pluto, this week the messenger of the gods joins Jupiter in Aries on Tuesday and then opposes Saturn in Libra on Friday.  This sets up a powerful Full Moon on Saturday in Mercury’s sign, Virgo, and then the Equinox, Vernal or Autumnal, on Sunday.

Mercury joins Jupiter in Aries – Excitement!

Mercury represents our intellectual faculties and rules all kinds of meetings, communications, written and verbal interactions, negotiations, and transportation.  As the conscious part of our mind, he travels in two directions:  into our subconscious, gathering subtle impressions to bring to our awareness, and into the world around us, bringing external information to consciousness, too.

Mercury with Jupiter in Aries is immensely creative.  New ideas sprout with fervor, an abundance of inspiration taking us into new territory and beyond.  This does not mean every idea is a good one; this energy is big on enthusiasm and short on practicality.

Big plans under this aspect carry big risks too, and new projects can ignite suddenly and then die away after the initial enthusiasm.  This is not to say that there is nothing worthwhile in all this excitement.  The bridge that Mercury forms to Jupiter can alert us to opportunities and our intuition will be in high gear.  We just need to know that some of our ideas may be flashes in the pan.  Enjoy the energy, but don’t invest in it yet.

Mercury opposes Saturn in Libra – Circumspection

Toward the end of the week a healthy dose of Saturnian energy will bring matters down to earth.  The Mercury/Jupiter energy will have us running in different directions, bearing our own flag; the Mercury/Saturn energy will remind us of the requirement to work with others and to put practical plans in place if we really want to accomplish something.  Mercury/Saturn will alert us that agreements should be in writing, and that contracts should be signed, sealed, and delivered, not just sitting on someone’s desk somewhere.  Saturn helps us with the practicalities that give our ideas legs and protects us from going too far, too fast.

The Saturn energy may seem to come from outside authorities, the boss, or the investors, your accountant, someone demanding you to slow down and pay attention.  Or you may have to be the one to put the brakes on your team’s imagination.

Don’t be surprised if the optimism of the early part of the week turns into discouragement by the end.  Actually, balance is needed between the two.  So I’d say take the week as it comes.  Be excited by new information in the early part of the week, and then focus on plans for implementation in the latter part.

Full Moon in Virgo – Presentation

The waxing energy of the Moon all week will contribute to accomplishment and when it is Full on Saturday it’s time to display our latest project.  This is presentation time; you’ve taken your latest effort as far as it will go and it’s time to let it stand on its own.  With the Full Moon in Virgo, a technical, detailed presentation will capture everyone’s attention.

Equinox – Celebration

Sunday is the Equinox, the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the Southern.  Half way between the longest and the shortest day of the year, this is a turning point in the annual cycle of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.  It’s time to take stock:  how far have you come since the December Solstice?  Are you on track with your goals for the year?  Is there a course correction you need to make?

I think a celebration is in order for Sunday.  This year may have been difficult so far but the Equinox brings a shift and the first day of Aries can make everything fresh and new.  Let’s welcome the new energy with space for a new perspective!

Have a wonderful week and let me know how it all pans out.

This Just In

As I was finishing this post I heard from a client.  She was checking in about last week’s ingress of Uranus into Aries and linking this to the earthquake and nuclear reactor explosion in Japan.  These events could have a direct impact on her business as one of her biggest clients is connected to the nuclear industry.

How about you?  Did you experience any fallout in your business from last week’s events?  Tell us about it as we all tiptoe into Uranus in Aries with anticipation and some trepidation, knowing that sudden and unexpected events (Uranus) can bring a whole new cycle of innovation (Aries).


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