Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello, everyone.

This week opens with a bang on Monday and that impact is carried all the way into the week until the Full Moon next Sunday.


Monday opens with the 1st quarter Moon which always brings a decision point.  What has been in motion in the past will continue in the same direction unless you step into the driver’s seat.  This point in the lunar cycle has been described as a car going around a curve:  you either take the wheel and negotiate the curve or natural forces will continue their pre-ordained path and you’ll run right off the road.  Usually a choice has to be made, gaining something and leaving something behind.  But the key is to act with courage and with the Moon in Cancer, with the emotional support of those closest to you.

A few hours later Mars challenges Pluto.  In other words, fiery aggressive energy challenges the powers that be in government, society, and the economy.  You may feel ready to take on the world in order to move your business forward.  Alternately, one of your staff leaders may feel you are the inflexible authority who must be challenged.

These energies need a strong hand.  Truly there is the potential to break new ground and to finally overcome what has seemed so intractable.  But there is nothing kind or pussy-footed about this aspect.  Ray Merriman of the excellent Merriman Market Analyst warns, “[This] can be a confrontational dynamic where each side refuses to bend to the point of a functional compromise. One side will have to break, for hard aspects between Mars and Pluto almost never conclude in a win-win result.”

And then later in the day Mercury and Jupiter meet in Aries.  Mercury represents the intellect and Jupiter usually represents wisdom.  But with both of these planets in impulsive, idealistic Aries your intellect may be overcome with grand ideas and following on the heels of the Mars/Pluto influence above, you may become convinced that a big aggressive move is the only true solution.  Whoa there, partner!  Remember that when Mercury is retrograde all is not as it seems.  Take that big idea and file it for the time being.  It will gain a lot more traction if you wait a couple of weeks before you put it in motion.  Over-confidence, idealistic conviction, and impatience will signal an idea whose time has not come.

And the rest of the week

The rest of the week carries Monday’s themes forward with the growing energy between the Sun and Moon, culminating in the Full Moon on Sunday.  There’s dramatic flair midweek and an emphasis on creativity.  Some of your staff will be on mental holiday with Mercury retrograde so you’ll have to take the lead.  Provide yourself with artistic outlets and move through the week with a sense of wonder and play.  This will bring everything to completion right on time.

Have a great week and please share in the comments how you experienced these energies.  I’m really interested in how that Mars/Pluto square impacted your business life this week.

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For an overview of the month, see Astro4Business Month Ahead – April 2011

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