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The Sun is in Taurus and we move on in our Leadership through the Signs series.  In this series, as we progress through each month’s zodiac sign, we’ll explore and uncover the essential leadership qualities for each sign.  We’ll do this by looking at real life examples of established leaders whose birthdays fall into each particular sign.  We’ll test the principles of textbook astrology and add a few guidelines of our own as we discover them.  The purpose of the project is to recognize the authentic leadership qualities we naturally possess and allow them to come forward in our business lives. It’s also to better understand others we meet and work with in business. For more smart business handling tips, you might want to read this new smart meters for your business review.

First let’s define what we mean by a leader.  The American Heritage Dictionary defines a leader as 1) a person who leads others along a way; a guide, and 2) one in charge of or in command of others.  For our purposes, we’ll take both definitions and apply them to business.  In this series we’ll look at thought leaders, political leaders, business leaders, sports figures, and a few of us regular people too.

What the experts tell us about Taurus

Many of the Taurus traits below were gathered from Bil Tierney’s excellent All Around the Zodiac:  Exploring Astrology’s Twelve Signs.

  • Taurus, as fixed earth energy, pulls together and organizes resources.
  • Contained energy.

    Taurus deals best with practical tangible issues in the here and now.

  • Taurus is methodical, taking time to build structures that ensure durability.  Taurus is known for achieving superior results over a sustained period of time
  • When change is afoot, Taurus needs to ease in at a relaxed pace and consider all of the issues carefully.
  • Taurus leaders have a steady and confident presence. They do not show up as one person one day and another person the next.
  • Taurus is smart about conserving strength and doesn’t waste vitality on inconsequential issues.
  • Unlike Aries, Taurus is a patient planner who can wait for the tide to roll in before taking action.
  • Taurus recognizes and develops others’ raw talents.
  • Taurus understands that to motivate and inspire people a leader needs to satisfy basic human needs for achievement, a sense of belonging, recognition, self-esteem, and the ability to live up to one’s ideals.
  • Taurus brings a stabilizing influence to an organization, carefully building, brick by brick, frameworks of lasting durability.
  • Taurus has stamina and focus, and will not quit a project until it is satisfactorily completed.
  • Beauty in form.

    Taurus hates pressure or doing things it really doesn’t enjoy.

  • Taurus wants to be self-directed and rejects other people’s interference.
  • Taurus is a hard worker and wants to be paid well for that work.

The Bull

Can you feel the essential energy of this sign of the Bull?  Look at the photos and the Taurus glyph:  the strong, contained energy of the bull represents the creative essence of Taurus well.

Before we get into specific examples of Taurus leadership, think about the list above and the images.  What would you say is authentic leadership for a Taurus?  Have you known leaders who embodied these attributes?  What was their management style?  How did they accomplish their goals?

Are you a Taurus?  How well do the above traits represent your essence?  Are you steady, dependable, and self-directed?  Are you patient and practical?  How do you handle pressure?

Remember to leave your comments as we begin our discussion of Taurus Leadership.

The Gentle Face of Taurus

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