Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello everyone.

This week is very busy, with the Full Moon early in the week and the end of the week packed with aspects between Mercury, Mars, Venus and powerhouse Pluto.  Add to this next Sunday’s sparring between the Sun, newly in Gemini, and Neptune in Pisces and we’ve got a week of healthy challenges with the ability to meet them head-on.

Full Moon

We’ll ramp up to the Full Moon all day on Monday as it reaches culmination early on Tuesday (MDT).  The Full Moon this month is an opposition between the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio.  Both Scorpio and Taurus are related to money.  Taurus rules our own finances and Scorpio rules outside resources like lenders, investors, and insurers.   This Full Moon asks you to look at the extent of your reliance on these outside resources and whether they are helping or hindering your own financial stability.  What is the ratio of your debt to your assets?  How is your credit rating?  How much of your monthly budget is spent on interest payments?  If these issues are perfectly in balance, fine.  If they are weighted too strongly in one direction or the other, this Moon will bring awareness and the will to do something about it.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Pluto

Let me start by saying that Mercury, Venus, and Mars form an excellent aspect to Pluto this week, one which brings opportunity and an increase in our personal power and influence.  Sometimes people hear Pluto will be active and they immediately think of death, destruction, and upheaval.  Pluto can be these things but also healing, transformation, and rebirth.  Whether the former or the latter, it all works to our advantage this week.

"All for one; one for all." By Maurice Leloir, engraved on wood by Jules Huyot. (Source:Wikipedia)

We spoke last week about Mercury and Venus traveling together in the sky and this week they catch up with Mars – like the three Musketeers, “all for one, one for all.”  In last week’s post I spoke about Mercury and Venus together:

…This is like a device that works well and is beautiful to look at. Or when your best systems manager is also great with people.  When your smartest analyst can create a presentation that really pops or when your marketing director never overpromises because she understands what it takes to deliver.

Add Mars in Taurus to this mix and we get all the above plus the energy to actually take action and implement.  Mars is impatient with plans and concepts, and even uninterested in beauty and form.  Mars wants to take the field and lead people to accomplishment.  This adds a spark to this week that was missing last week, and a much better chance of actually producing something tangible.

These three are working together all week when they run into the vibe of Pluto.  Pluto is a detective, an undercover sleuth and he will lend these talents to Mercury, Venus, and Mars.  This makes for an excellent week to get to the bottom of something and make changes that are overdue.  Are your people in the right positions?  Is production on schedule?  Are your major projects in alignment with your company’s goals?  Does the current economic and political environment support your vision?

This whole configuration is in earth signs:  it’s time to get practical in the physical world.  We’re talking “atoms rather than bits” as Chris Anderson of WIRED Magazine coined the phrase.  Nail by nail, this week is about dismantling something worn out and recycling the parts into something with new promise.


We’ll be grateful for all this solid earth energy this week because with the Sun squaring Neptune next Sunday, anyone in leadership is likely to get more and more spaced out as the week unfolds.  When the Sun intersects Neptune’s vibe, it’s important that we strive for clarity and not believe everything we hear.  We shouldn’t even necessarily trust our own judgment!

However, if we can turn our attention away from the nuts and bolts of running our businesses, creative waves of vision and inspiration will wash over us next weekend.  Try to delegate day-to-day to your best staff and let yourself become inspired by your muse.

Have a great, busy week!

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