Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello everyone.

After a few weeks of relative quiet, this week opens on a sober note and then all hell breaks loose!  We’ve got an eclipse, two planets changing signs, a preponderance of mental Mercury/Gemini energy, and a planet turning retrograde all squeezed between Wednesday and Saturday.  Let’s see how it plays out day to day.


Very early in the morning on Wednesday (MDT) the Sun in Gemini forms an aspect with Saturn retrograde in Libra.  This marks the beginning of the end of the Saturn retrograde period that started back in January.  Saturn doesn’t finally turn direct until June 12, but this aspect marks the time when Saturn is virtually at a standstill.  Don’t be surprised if your energy is really flagging, especially considering the New Moon Eclipse later in the day.  But underneath the surface you may have a sense of expectation, tension, and the feeling that you’ve been in a long captivity that just won’t end. Don’t let that feeling of anticipation cause you to jump the gun.  Some new structure is coming into being – it’s been in the works since January.  Just let it unfold in its own time over the next couple of weeks.  No need to rush it.

Later in the day we have the first of three eclipses over the next month, a Solar Partial Eclipse which can only happen on the New Moon.  This eclipse may exacerbate the feeling that something is supposed to happen that won’t reveal itself yet, and frustration is highly likely in response.  The New Moon is always an interior event, when our conscious aims and goals, represented by the Sun, are merging with our unconscious needs and desires, represented by the Moon.  During a solar eclipse our conscious will is drawn even more into the netherworld, where it receives its marching orders for the next cycle.  You may feel completely unfocused and many people even feel ill on the day of an eclipse.  Try to take time to be quiet; don’t exert yourself if you can avoid it.  Just stay tuned in to your inner sources of wisdom.  Receive, don’t act today.


Mercury moves into Gemini on Thursday, where it will travel for less than two weeks!  As Mercury speeds through Gemini, our minds become bright, restless and curious. Communications of all kinds are favored, so this is the time to take those meetings, initiate new contacts, and get out and about to meet and greet customers.


Yesterday, Mercury moved into Gemini.  Today it runs into conflict with Neptune in Pisces.  When Mercury is in Gemini we are apt to look outside ourselves for answers, in books, on the internet, in every water cooler conversation.  We’re just sure if we gather enough information our challenges can be resolved rationally and logically.  But with Neptune on the field, today is not a rational day.  And no matter how you try, as you attempt to communicate with others, things can come out confused and distorted.  That’s because Neptune in Pisces isn’t into words-based connecting, but interactions on the basis of feelings and shared beliefs.  You’ll have to find a way to square these two perspectives today, and if you do, you’ll learn something that will bring benefits that stretch into the future.

Then later in the day Neptune comes to a virtual standstill and enters apparent retrograde motion, beginning its annual retreat across the heavens until next November.  Often on the day a planet changes direction there is an outward manifestation of an issue which will come under examination the whole time the planet is retrograde.  Look for the whisperings of a coming paradigm shift in the news on Friday, especially concerning healthcare, oil drilling, the creative arts, or the pharmaceutical industry.  Let’s see if we can discern the retrograde station of Neptune this year.


On Saturday Jupiter leaves the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, and enters the second, Taurus.  Jupiter in Taurus brings a year of consolidation after the frenetic, expansive energy we’ve been experiencing since Jupiter entered Aries last June.  If you and your staff are burned out from all the Aries fire, you can relax now, be sure to pay your staff well.  Taurus will bring a much slower pace as well as the material rewards of all your hard work.  Look for more on this transit in the June monthly forecast.

A little later we have the final aspect of the week – an inventive sextile between Mercury in Gemini and Uranus in Aries.  The sextile aspect is very supportive so leave your door open for someone with good news or a new insight that brings an opportunity for growth and development.  You have to stand poised to respond though; this Uranus revelation can come and go in a flash.  Keep pen and paper or a recording device with you at all times.

And that’s it!  After a quiet few weeks we’re back at full speed.  Enjoy!


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