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Welcome to the Astro4Business Monthly Forecast for June, 2011.  What are the planetary influences this month and how can we work with them?

  • We’ll start with the most long-range and overarching influences, the planets Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus, which you will notice do not travel far from month to month but stay in the same sector of the sky for many years.  These form the backdrop to our personal lives, affecting matters on a global stage.
  • Then we will look at the mid-range influences, Jupiter and Saturn, which stay in the same sign for 1 – 2.5 years.  These planets represent our interactions with our societal environment, its rules, regulations, belief systems, and benefits.
  • We’ll look at the personal planets, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun which stay in their respective signs for much shorter periods and primarily influence our day-to-day lives.
  • And last we’ll look at the sign and dates for the New and Full Moon, as these mark the waxing and waning cycles in our daily activities.

Pluto in Capricorn

We’ve spoken at length about Pluto in Capricorn, where it will remain until 2024.  In a nutshell, this long transit will bring upheaval and transformation to the structures of our world:  government, organized religion, the economy, industry, and the military, to name a few.  This transit carries the energy of revolution and evolution and can be dramatic and at times overwhelming.  Pluto exposes what is hidden, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

Pluto hastens and intensifies the processes of endings and new beginnings, and in Capricorn will bring about the ending of our business pursuits that are no longer suited to our growth and personal evolution.  Whatever has been slowly leaking vitality will depart, including old business models, practices, and products.

Pluto is still in retrograde motion.  If you’ve been working with an old problem you thought you had resolved, excavate any lingering issues and put them finally to rest.

To read more about Pluto in Capricorn and its impact on your chart this year, see Pluto’s Journey through 2011.

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune begins the month at home in Pisces.  Neptune in Pisces begins a shift from the intellectual associations and words-based networking which were common for the last thirteen years when Neptune was in Aquarius, to connections based on feelings and shared beliefs.

Neptune comes to a virtual standstill on June 3 and begins apparent retrograde motion, commencing its annual retreat back through the heavens until next November.   When the distant planet Neptune turns retrograde we are likely to see its effects in society.  Retrograde motion is a time of revisiting what has happened in the past, this time back to February 2011.  Look for reversals or reexaminations of decisions regarding health care, oil drilling (Neptune rules oil and liquids of all kinds), the creative arts, drugs legislation, and shipping, to name a few areas.  If your business is involved in any of these industries, be prepared for some lack of clarity until November.

To read more about Neptune in Pisces and its impact on your chart this year, see Neptune Swimming through 2011.

Uranus in Aries

Uranus left the sign Pisces and entered Aries in March beginning a brand new 84-year cycle of scientific and political innovation.  Uranus embodies the principle of change, especially the kind of transitions that occur because of sudden breakthroughs and technological inventions.  Society is constantly moving forward and when the time comes when the traditional is just too safe and stale, the energy of Uranus bursts through the barriers and ushers in the new.

What does this mean for us in business?  We will probably feel compelled to take risks we would not even have considered in the past.  We may feel confined by the people around us or the structures we’ve implemented.  We may seek opportunities to bring scientific or technical discoveries into our products and services.  We may approach everyday challenges as battles to be fought and won.  We want out of our shell, even if we created it.

To read more about Uranus in Aries and its impact on your chart this year, see Uranus Flashes through 2011.

Saturn in Libra

Saturn in Libra is the antithesis of Uranus in Aries.  It counsels patience, persistence, responsibility, and humility in relationships, leading to cooperation and mutual support.  This planet of structure and discipline provides some much-needed grounding and circumspection to hot and erratic Uranus in Aries.

You may feel torn between the tried and true (Saturn) and the desire for breakthrough (Uranus).  Strive for balance bringing the best of the old along with you into new territory.

Saturn concludes its annual period of retrograde motion on June 12.  You may find yourself restarting a partnership or work alliance you thought you left behind last October.  If so, you’ll have a lot more information now to make solid progress this time.  Don’t be surprised if you have the sense you’re repeating the past; until the end of September Saturn will be covering the same degrees for the third time now.  Remember, the third time’s the charm!

Jupiter in Aries/Taurus

For much of the last year, Jupiter has been in Aries.  Aries is a fundamentally aggressive mind-set, whether in the form of the lone-wolf entrepreneur or the established global company.  It brings a desire to take on the competition, expand into new territory, and develop new markets.

On June 4, Jupiter enters the sign Taurus.  Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in Taurus, the sign of physical, tangible objects, spells material abundance.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?  Taurus represents the natural abundance of the earth, trees beginning to fruit, cows full with milk, greening pastures.  In nature, this is the time when the initial spark of spring settles into solid growth.  It’s also time for us to settle down.

Many people are burned-out from Jupiter’s sojourn through Aries.  Risk-taking and expansion have been the keywords of the time.  Now is the time to codify those good ideas and to build systems that will insure lasting success.  It’s a time for slow, steady growth and long-term investment.  Think, “Built to Last.”

Mars in Taurus/Gemini

Mars is in Taurus until June 20.  This is the time for patient and persistent work.  Mars in Taurus is a builder, piece by piece, nail by nail, bringing vision into concrete form.

When Mars moves into Gemini, we can lose focus.  Our interests may become scattered and we may find ourselves spinning our wheels for a while.  The best use of this energy?  Learning and teaching, handing on to others what you know, mentoring, studying, and training.  It’s also excellent for building distribution channels for goods and services, both transportation based and virtual.

Venus in Taurus/Gemini

Venus is in her home sign of Taurus until June 9.  Venus in Taurus turns our attention toward security, the real-world kind, the kind with dollar signs.  We want to invest in bricks and mortar and build relationships which will stand over time.

Venus in Gemini is very different.  When Venus is in Gemini, we are extroverted, chatty, and love nothing more than to sprinkle our attention across many projects and many people. We are happiest when we’re out and about, furthering our network and negotiating.

Mercury in Taurus/Gemini/Cancer

Mercury in Taurus brings a stabilizing influence to your mind and careful, productive communications.  But on June 2, Mercury enters its home sign Gemini.  When Mercury moves into Gemini, conversation and networking become the order of the day.  Immerse yourself in knowledge and data, and the more sources the better:  books, magazines, news, email, social media, and face-to-face all yield important clues about where your business is heading and the steps to take to get there.

After less than two weeks in its favorite sign, Mercury moves on into Cancer on June 16.  When Mercury travels through Cancer, your employees may prefer a one-on-one conversation rather than the most brilliant presentation.  And your customers want to feel you listen to them rather than be dazzled by cleverness.  Meet with everyone who needs your attention.  This is a good time to spell out your vision and gain people’s loyalty.

Sun in Gemini/Cancer

The Sun in Gemini is the perfect time for sales and communication, press releases, and for disseminating your company news as widely as possible.  It may be time to add to your sales force or start a company blog to broadcast your product as widely as possible.  Communicate, communicate, communicate.  Just be sure you only promise what you can deliver.

When the Sun moves into Cancer and through the Solstice on June 21, it brings a time of adjustment, correction, or fine-tuning.  Take all of the feedback you gained when the Sun was in Gemini and use the action-oriented Solstice energy to respond to the needs of your customers.  Make whatever changes will add value to your business.

Phases of the Moon

The New Moon is in Gemini on June 1 (MDT), waxing to Full in Sagittarius on June 15.  The Gemini New Moon is also a Partial Solar Eclipse and the Full Moon is a Total Lunar Eclipse.  Look for a new start on the New Moon in whichever house in your chart contains 11 degrees Gemini.  For me, that’s the 12th house, spirituality and service.  (If you need a copy of your chart, see the box in the sidebar to request one free.)

Monthly Recap

This is a month of change, with most of the planets either changing sign or direction.  Add to that two eclipses and this becomes a power month, one that ends in a very different place than it began.  But there are no major difficult aspects to the outer planets this month, so it should be a month of progress.  If you keep it loose, it may even be fun!

Are you in astrological overwhelm?  Check out this link on my other blog for 5 simple ways to get your feet wet in astrology without drowning. Astrology is so Vast; Where Do I Start?

Have a great month and let me know how it all plays out!

Key Dates for the Month

June 1              New Moon; Partial Solar Eclipse

June 2              Mercury enters Gemini

June 3              Neptune assumes retrograde motion

June 4              Jupiter enters Taurus

June 9              Venus enters Gemini

June 12            Saturn assumes direct motion

June 15            Full Moon; Total Lunar Eclipse

June 16            Mercury enters Cancer

June 20            Mars enters Gemini

June 21            Sun enters Cancer; Solstice


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