Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello everyone.

The waxing Moon spells potential and possibilities this week; any challenges in the early week turn into opportunities by Saturday.  Let’s look at it day by day.


Mercury in Gemini is in harmony with Saturn in Libra which is good, good, good for concentration, focus, and rational thinking.  Mercury in Gemini alone can be a bit scattered and overly concerned with data gathering.  Saturn’s influence will reveal the practical meaning and application of all that information.

Both planets are very strong in their respective signs:  Mercury rules Gemini and Saturn is exalted in Libra.  This makes it a particularly good day to meet with elders, advisors, and experts.  They may ask you some tough questions but you can put their counsel to good use in your business.


This is the first quarter Moon day, a day which often requires us to switch gears.  You may have to choose between alternatives:  which project will you invest your time and energy in, which one will you put on hold for another time?  With the Moon in Virgo, take the time to analyze each option thoroughly.  Once you’ve decided, go with it and don’t look back.


Venus enters Gemini on Thursday.  This takes our eyes off practical creativity and on to learning from others.  We become extroverted, chatty, and, like a butterfly, land in each place just long enough to make an impression.  Just be careful that too much chatting doesn’t dissipate your energy so that you don’t get anything done…


On Friday, chatty Venus encounters dreamy Neptune.  We are likely to feel confused and maybe even sleepy or we lack focus for discussion.  It is not good to make important financial decisions from this state!

We may also be inclined to sugar-coat the signals we receive from others.  Deceptive fantasy is a hallmark of this aspect, so do your best to keep it real.  Or better yet, retreat into solitude and indulge in a little day-dreaming and creative imagination.  This aspect can bring true inspiration but is a non-starter for decision-making.


The Moon continues to wax to maximum harmony with the Sun today, a great day for enlisting others to support your project goals.  The channels of communication are wide open and ready to support you.


Two major heavenly occurrences today:  the Sun joins Mercury in Gemini and Saturn returns to direct motion.

This Sun/Mercury conjunction is called the superior conjunction.  This is the best day in the Sun/Mercury cycle for a meeting of the minds, an excellent day for communication and planning.  Our purpose and our ability to communicate are in sync today.  It’s a great day to hand out assignments, send people on fact-finding missions, and explore future possibilities.

Sunday evening (MDT) Saturn resumes direct motion after retrograde motion since January.  Since Saturn in Libra rules business matters such as partnerships, alliances, supply chains, and contracts, hopefully you’ve taken the last few months to review these matters.  If anything troublesome has come to light, now is the time to take action and make whatever changes are necessary.

That’s the week!  Let me know how it all plays out!

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