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This is the second in our January series about the transits of the outer planets during 2011.  We began last week with Pluto, the outermost planet.  Today we’ll consider Neptune, also far-distant from the earth, exerting a subtle and profound influence.  You’ll want to have your chart handy so you can determine whether Neptune will figure prominently for you this year.   If so, follow the advice at the end about pitfalls to watch for and ways to align yourself with the energy.  (If you need a copy of your chart, see the sidebar to request a free natal chart.)

"A Mermaid" by John William Waterhouse, 1905. (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Neptune in Aquarius; Make That Pisces; Oops, Back Into Aquarius

Neptune’s been in Aquarius since 1998.  This era has ushered in Aquarian values such as the equality of all beings, shared responsibility for the planet, the distribution of technology to all corners of the world, and the right of each person to contribute to and further the base of common knowledge.

Neptune is not a personal planet.  It’s not an energy that we own, or can bid to do our will.  And yet every person is touched by Neptune and every business must constantly respond to its influence.  It has a profound impact on advertising, marketing, and branding.  Neptune is the part of everyone which seeks to become like others, to identify with a group, to share common beliefs.  It is the part of us which wants to align rather than separate, to seek common ground.

With Neptune in Aquarius we’ve been finding common ground through ideas, technology, and invention.  As Neptune proceeds into Pisces for a few months this year we will all begin to shift to a different point of alignment.  Borders will come down; our tribe will morph into those who feel the way we do, who understand and accept the same values, and who can imagine the same future that we do.   We will connect to our employees and customers based on feelings and creative imagination rather than the more mental connection we’ve been forming through social media.  Think scent, color, taste, and certainly, multi-dimensional media; 3-D is only the bare beginning!

Neptune begins the year in Aquarius and moves into Pisces in early April.  It will remain in Pisces until August when, through retrograde motion, it moves back into Aquarius where it will finish the year.  This is a year of transition for all of us and we will get glimmers of the sea-change that is coming in 2012 when Neptune moves permanently into Pisces.  (Not really permanently, but it will feel that way.)

Mermaid Calls

I’ve dubbed Neptune visits “mermaid calls.”  Neptune transits appear as a subtle dissatisfaction; a desire to leave the world of rules and boundaries behind; a desire for “floaty” days when you can glide without purpose from one thing to another.  Obviously this can be tough for someone managing a business, unless the line of business is particularly attuned to this kind of creative drifting.

On the other hand, Neptune has been known to be very active in the charts of people with massive wealth; it’s like a small wave turns into a tsunami of riches, according to Christeen Skinner, an expert business astrologer.

So is 2011 your turn for a visit?  Anyone with chart points which are at the very end of a sign or the very beginning of the next sign will be affected.  From 26 to 30 degrees of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio will certainly feel the waves, as well as anyone with chart points from zero to 2 degrees of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, or Sagittarius.

Whenever Neptune makes a strong appearance, it is time for a change.  Not a sudden change brought on by technological progress (Uranus) or crisis (Pluto) but more from a lingering sense of disillusion or dissatisfaction.  Neptune requires us to sacrifice some part of ourselves, something we may think defines us, in order to grow in our understanding of our purpose within the larger coursing life.

Neptune’s effect on business can bring on a business challenge in which trends in the marketplace have swept over the business and caused it to lose its footing.  And yet it may be hard to react skillfully because the owners may not be able to clearly define exactly what the issue is.  If Neptune is strong for you this year, be sure to watch for deception, confusion, unhealthy dependence, and negligence.

How do we make the most of a Neptune transit?  We keep it simple.  We allow time for our own and our employees’ creativity.  We develop a receptive state of mind.  At work each day, we do what’s in front of us.  We explore the opportunities that come our way without investing too much.  We recognize we are adjusting our intuition to a new beam; we don’t trust too easily or too soon.  And we surely use our lawyer and accountant to review the paperwork.  Once that’s done, we go with the flow!

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