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Neptune transits – Mermaid Calls

Hello, everyone.

I received a letter today from a reader who has become a client.  We’ve been working together lately as she goes through some business uncertainty and transitions.  Of course these transitions are reflected in the transits of planets affecting her natal chart.

"A Mermaid" by John William Waterhouse, 1905. (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

When a person is facing a major issue in their life, reflected by a transit of the outer planets to one or more of the inner planets, it will affect several areas of their life at the same time.  And even if not specifically transiting an area of the chart related to business, a major reconfiguration of your personal life is bound to affect how you conduct your business during the transit.

The Set-up

As it turns out this client’s current transit couldn’t be more impactful on her business life.  Natally, she has Saturn in the 10th house and it is squaring her Ascendant.  Remember, Saturn is the principle of contraction, of bringing visions and inspiration into the material realm, of making it real.  The 10th house is the house of your most public self, which for most people is their career and reputation.  Saturn is very comfortable in the 10th house and generally speaking a person with Saturn in the 10th is focused on making a name for themselves through their own hard work.  They invest time and energy into building their reputation step by step.

When this dedication to career and business success shown by Saturn is natally squaring the Ascendant, as this person’s is, this march toward success in the outer realm is part and parcel of the person’s self-image.  It is completely inseparable from how they feel about themselves and how other people perceive them.  And yet with the square the fit is not a comfortable one.  With Saturn squaring the Ascendant, it’s almost like they have a military general inside calling their marching orders and that officer will brook no opposition from the contented or fanciful.

So this is a tough set-up and one that my client has grappled with and made the most of.  She runs a small creative business with about 10 employees and is used to the cycle of work hard and win; work harder and win more; work harder still and win still more.

The Mermaid calls

And along comes Neptune.  Neptune is crossing that Saturn point in her chart in the 10th house.  Whenever Neptune makes a strong appearance in a chart, it is time for a change.  Not a sudden change brought on by technological progress (Uranus) or crisis (Pluto) but more from a lingering sense of disillusion or confusion. 

Neptune transiting Saturn is like our military general has been assigned a mentor by the powers that be and the mentor turns out to be a hippie artist mermaid who whispers to him to take off his uniform and join her in the warm sea.  Do you think he just says, OK, let’s go?  No.  The seductress’ song is the enemy of everything he has built to this point, every structure and accomplishment that has made his life respectable, safe, and stable. 

But the forces of the outer planets are strong, and since they are ultimately about the evolution of humanity as a whole rather than upholding our idea of personal success, they eventually engulf us.  There are really only two choices: to consciously invite Neptune’s long visit or to resist and be overwhelmed by seemingly external forces that dissolve the structures of our life.

Sacrificing Doing for Being

Neptune requires us to sacrifice some part of ourselves, something we think defines us, in order to grow in our understanding of our place within the larger coursing life.  Saturn is about doing; Neptune is about being.  If we are normally the type who sets one goal after another, always reaching to improve and perfect, then taking our hands off the wheel and letting life drive feels completely foreign.  Adrift within confusion, lack of clarity, and doubt about future direction, we grab at one “solution” after another, only to have it melt away in our hands.  Neptune’s transits are long and it takes a while to recognize that our old methods don’t serve anymore.  Each time we think we’ve found our direction, the destination becomes unavailable or we realize it’s illusory.

So what do we do during a Neptune transit?  We keep it simple.  We journal or paint or pray.  We develop a receptive state of mind.  In our business, we do what’s in front of us.  We explore the opportunities that come our way without investing too much.  We take notice of our community.  We look for ways to serve others.  We recognize we are adjusting our intuition to a new beam; we don’t trust too easily or too soon.  We use our lawyer and accountant to review the paperwork.

And we listen for the muse.  Remember that general?  You know that once he enters that mermaid’s warm embrace he’ll be most happy he did.

Are you feeling dazed and confused in your business?  Are you having a Neptune transit?  Share your experiences in the comments.  And if you’re not sure, see the box at right to send me an email and I’ll let you know if Neptune is visiting you.

For the basics of Saturn and Neptune, see these posts:



Don’t forget. If you have an astrology-related business question (or a business-related astrology question) send it to me at I’ll answer it in these posts, anonymously of course, and we can all learn from each other’s experiences. I look forward to it! Have a question now? Email it and let’s get started!

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Eat the Sweets

Hello, everyone.

The other day a client told me this story.

She had recently taken a new position in management at a large local institution.  This company has been battered by recent changes in government funding and the managers are scrambling to make ends meet.  In fact, my client was hired to bring her considerable expertise into bringing financial stability to the company again.  

"Venus, Amor die Flügel beschneidend" von Theodor Heinrich Bäumer, 1886

"Venus, Amor die Flügel beschneidend" von Theodor Heinrich Bäumer, 1886

When she went to her first few management meetings, the mood was sour and dour; there was no cross-talking, no cutting up, no spark.  She noticed that even in a three-hour meeting, there was no water, no treats, and no bathroom breaks. 

This is no fun at all, she thought.  So when the next meeting was scheduled she brought in a big bowl of chocolates.  Even though the meeting was directly after lunch, not one person acknowledged the sweets, let alone reached for any.  The entire meeting passed in the manner of the others, subdued, discouraged, and unengaged.  No one could receive the gift she brought to the meeting.

What’s missing here?

When she told me this story I thought, this is a Venus issue.  Venus rules love, sweetness, happiness, pleasure, giving and receiving, and MONEY.  I’m not saying that a company’s financial difficulties can be mended by eating a few chocolates.  But I am saying that when the energy of Venus, of pleasure, of enjoyment, of camaraderie is missing, then it’s likely that MONEY will be missing too.

There is an alchemy among happiness, giving and receiving, and money.  The flow of giving and receiving underpins all of our interactions, and that same flow fuels the economy as a whole.  I wouldn’t be so concerned if just one of the managers passed up the sweets, due to a diet, or Lent, or sugar intolerance.  But when the entire team cannot receive, then there is a barrier to inflowing energy, which leads to barriers to sales, which leads to barriers to profits.

Receiving equals profits

Every salesperson knows that relationships must be developed before sales can be realized.  Relationships, sweets, money, success:  it’s all the same river, the river Venus.  If your managers can’t even look at each other in a meeting, then this is going to be reflected in your bottom line.  If there’s no laughter, no fun, no interrelationships, there’s no fuel for problem-solving or creativity.

If you are the only person in your business, this applies to you as well.  When I was first in business and struggling to make ends meet, my mentor told me to give myself a gift every day.  It could be a small thing, some post-its, a nice eraser, a piece of pie, but I had to report to her every day what I had done.  She was teaching me to receive, to open the door to the incoming flow.

Singing, playing, celebrating

The manager that told me this story has a very strong placement of Venus and is a natural at bringing people together.  I asked her for some tips on how she is going to overcome this problem.  She’s going to bring songs to the meeting for everyone to sing together.  She’s going to start a softball league so people can build relationships outside of work.  She’s going to make sure birthdays are celebrated and that there’s good coffee in the cafeteria.  In these ways, she’s going to break down the barriers to the incoming flow.

If your business is not as profitable as you wish, try appeasing the Venus energy.  If you respect and honor her, she will shower her treasures.  The next time someone offers a gift, receive it, eat the sweet.  And encourage your managers to open the receiving door, so that all sorts of goodies can flow in.

Are you good at receiving?  Or are you “receiving challenged”?  Tell us about it in the comments section and if you know what sign your Venus is in, let us know that, too.

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Smart Prey


Last week when I was writing about predators and prey, I realized I had a story to tell – a story about being a “smart prey”.

You’ll remember, in our definition, prey is a business that has recognized that the best option is to sell itself while it is still profitable.  This is a business that is not able to meet its debt payments but is operationally still functioning well.

Willing Prey

There was a point in my business life when I willingly became prey, not because I couldn’t manage the debt payments, but because I was moving on to another phase in my life and wanted the capital built into the business to fund my next move.  However, I had made a fundamental mistake in the years leading up to the sale and I want to share that mistake with you so you don’t make the same mistake I did, one that potentially cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When I first started in my bookkeeping business, which over the years morphed into an accounting and financial planning business, I was happy to gain each new client.  In the early years I had extra time and too little money, so each new client filled in my time and increased my total billing.  As my business grew, I had less and less time and more and more money, so I hired a few people to help me.

The day came, though, when my time was absolutely full.  It was a typical supply and demand point, where the demand for my services exceeded the supply of time to provide them.  I had a choice to make:  I could hire more people and continue to grow my business, with the risk of lowered quality as the business got farther and farther from my direct supervision, or I could raise my rates and limit my clients to those who could afford my services at the higher rates.

The Mistake

I chose to develop my business into a more boutique service with fewer clients, more personal interaction, higher rates, and maintain the current staff level.  I set a minimum rate and only accepted clients who had businesses or personal situations that warranted that level.  I actually did this several times in the course of my business:  as I reached the point of saturation I again raised my minimum rate and limited potential new clients.  And it was wildly successful in the short term – I developed an excellent client roster, much higher personal income, a few core staff, and more interesting, higher level issues to grapple with.

But I had made a big mistake.  I had forgotten the end game.

In this type of service business, the sale price of the business as a whole is generally calculated as 1 x earnings, in other words the annual gross revenue becomes the price of the business.  So if the gross revenue before expenses is $250,000, then the sale price is $250,000; if the gross revenue is $500,000, then the sale price is $500,000.

When I restructured my business, the choice I had made to offer a boutique service had led to consistent gross revenues and high profits, learn more with  this new guide about how to double your revenue.  The other choice would have led to much higher gross revenues and, though profitable enough, it would have meant more employees, less personal interaction with clients, and more management time spent in the business.  From the point of view of day to day living, I made the right choice.  From the point of view of eventual sale value of the business, my choice was dead wrong.  I could have easily doubled the sale price of my business had I been planning ahead.

The Take-Aways

I wanted to share this with you and mention these key take-aways that I hope you will consider:

  • We should be aware, even if just starting out, that there will be an end point, either through sale, liquidation, dissolution, or succession.
  • There is potential value in our business, beyond the day to day earnings.
  • We should always know how our business will be valued for sale or succession
  • We should keep our eye on building that value

Look ahead five, ten, twenty years.  Where will you be then?  What will the value of your business be?  What are you doing today to insure that value will be there?  The most valuable asset in your life may be right under your nose if you plan ahead.


Expanding Horizons

Hello, everyone.

A client called this morning with a question.  She had unexpectedly been asked to travel overseas with a celebrated expert in a field of her interest.  She is a very successful professional, well known and highly respected in her own right.  In order to take this trip she would have to be away from her business for a few weeks, as well as invest time and money.  She also had a concern whether her health could withstand the trip to a developing country. 

Chinese Opera, Beijing. (Source:Wikipedia)

Chinese Opera, Beijing. (Source:Wikipedia)

Is this an intersection between business and astrology?  You bet.  With an astrologer’s ability to look ahead to timing and trends, plus the in-depth knowledge of the person’s strengths, challenges, and aspirations from the natal chart, this was an ideal astrological question.

For my readers who are students of astrology I’ve included the key elements in parentheses below. 

The factors that played into the decision, as shown by the astrology, are factors any businessperson can relate to:

  • Health issues when traveling in a foreign country
  • Continually improving skills through educational opportunities
  • Loss of income and perhaps clients due to absence
  • Possibility of expanding services later, diversifying knowledge, leading to increased income later
  • Cost
  • Becoming a student when she is already an established expert in her own field
  • The need to make sudden, unexpected, and quick decisions

What did the astrology reveal?  Looking ahead to the planetary positions for the dates of her travel and comparing them with her natal chart, I could clearly see that her fears about her health while traveling were unfounded; in fact, there was likely to be a major boost to her long-term health, based on what she learned as she traveled. (Transiting Pluto in sixth opposing Jupiter/Mercury conjunction in twelfth; Jupiter/Mercury ruling sixth and twelfth)

Peruvian woman and child (Source:Wikipedia)

Peruvian woman and child (Source:Wikipedia)

What she will learn on the trip will likely have a major impact on her career, probably a life-changing realization that will invigorate her career once she assimilates it. (Transiting Pluto square Mid-heaven)

It will be an excellent time for travel overseas. (Transiting Jupiter trine natal Neptune in the fourth house)  In fact, she should take a good notebook along, as there is a good chance she can teach and/or publish based on what she learns. (Transiting Jupiter trine natal Neptune, ruling 9th house)

There are also a caution about power and giving over too much authority to another during the journey. (Transiting Jupiter opposing Pluto in the 2nd house)  So I was able to warn her to be willing to learn, expand, and change, but to hold on to her own deep knowledge and expertise.  In fact, she may teach as much as she learns!

The sudden turn of events was clearly shown in her chart, but also that she had the discrimination to make the right decision. (Transiting Saturn in Virgo in 3rd house sextile Ascendant/Uranus conjunction)  It also indicated that the teacher she was traveling with would be a task-master who would require lots of detailed focus and attention – this would be no vacation!

So, all in all, I thought it an excellent idea.  Her investment would be well-rewarded in learning, plus in long-term career enhancement.  The decision, of course, is her own; I’m not sure at this point what she will decide.  But I thought I would share an example of how an astrological advisor can support a businessperson’s decision making.

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Saturn Cycles

Saturn (Source: NOAA)

Saturn (Source: NOAA)

Let’s talk a little more about cycles.  What exactly do we mean by a cycle, especially in the context of astrology and business?  Let’s define a cycle as a rhythmic pattern through time that has a beginning phase, a phase of building toward a vision or goal, a culminating phase where the fruit of the prior effort is evident, a waning phase when the accomplishment starts to wither or lose its glow, and an ending phase when the achievement disintegrates and creates the conditions for the next cycle.

Cycles like this are obvious; we’ve all experienced them.  The seasons are an example of course but there are many more experiences that can go this way:  love affairs, interests, exercise regimes, economics, political ideas, empires. 

I was thinking about cycles because a client called the other day hoping astrology could shed light on a difficult period she is having in her career.  Bethany is in her mid-fifties.  She built a successful career in business for herself.  With a background in marketing, she spent many years freelancing, developing marketing plans for small and mid-size businesses.  She was successful financially and she liked the work a lot.  She eventually went to work for a large organization running their marketing department.  After several years she cut back to half-time; her heart just wasn’t in it anymore. 

After spending a couple of years gardening, cooking, and generally laying low, Bethany hit upon an idea she thinks could make a splash on the internet.  She’s been working diligently for about a year now and the project just isn’t coming together like she wishes it would.  She asks, “Is it just not the right idea?”  She beginning to feel filled with self-doubt and a sense of wasted time.  Her outlook is bleak.

Can astrology help?  Yes!  Just listening to her, I could sense a Saturn cycle in play and checking her chart, it was true.  Saturn’s cycle around the sun is twenty-nine years and it’s one of the best indicators for the progress of business and career development.  Saturn’s influence has a natural affinity with business, especially with the disciplined effort it takes to really make a business take off.  There’s a fascinating progression of Saturn through a person’s or business’s natal chart that outlines

  • the beginning point of a business endeavor when the idea is just a kernel taking shape,
  • the building phase when nothing but hard work is apparent,
  • the culmination phase when the endeavor receives public acclaim and financial rewards,
  • the waning phase when it’s still happening but the thrill of success is starting to fade,
  • the ending phase when the person sells or otherwise ends the business and begins looking for something new.

In this almost thirty year cycle, Bethany is in the first couple of years of something new.  She is old enough to have been through it once before and she wonders why her previous success can’t be replicated.  It will be; it is just too soon.  Bethany is in the phase where she can build her business brick by brick:  slowly build a client base, test and codify her ideas, get some education if she needs to.  She has planted the seed, it has germinated, but it will be some years before it looks as dazzling as her previous success.  It’s not that there won’t be small victories along the way.  With Bethany’s talents there are certain to be, but Saturn’s message is patience, keep at it, build a strong foundation.

As we spoke about this cycle and discussed the last time she’d been through it, she remembered clearly those early lean years, the times she only had one or two steady clients, when she was working out of her home because she couldn’t afford an office yet.  She was able to connect the dots from that time to her very profitable years later in the cycle, and she remembered why she had lost interest in the prior work.  Her new work expresses the businesswoman she has become and takes advantage of today’s trends.

With the help of astrology, she could clearly see the cycle she was part of, and she left determined to continue the effort and keep laying the groundwork for her future.

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Jump Ship, Chapter 4

Hello, everyone.  This is our final post about Jane, the CEO who is considering whether to remain with her current company or accept an offer for a comparable position from a competitor.  Did you vote?

I must say, I was surprised, as was Jane, when I compared her natal chart to the chart of the two companies.  If I had voted, I would have voted jump ship!  But investigating each company’s compatibility with Jane, I changed my mind.

Below is a chart that shows the considerations.  In the first column are the natal planets in Jane’s chart and what part of Jane’s personality is affected by the contact with each company.  The next two columns show the likely outcome for Jane when she mixes her energy with the energy of each company.

Jane’s Natal Planets

ABC Company

XYZ Company

Sun – whether Jane can shine; whether her talents will be appreciated Jane will always be noticed; she will be respected but seen as difficult Jane will be appreciated but not as a major player
Moon – whether she can express her feelings; how her femininity will be respected She could be caught in internal conflicts; the situation will feel unstable to her She will be respected as a woman; she will be able to express herself truthfully
Mercury – whether she can speak freely, whether her thinking is respected Her communication style and good mind will be appreciated Her communication style is seen as uplifting and grounding
Venus – how comfortable she will be; how happy; whether it will be advantageous financially This company is advantageous financially for Jane; she is liked by the leader, and is in alignment with the company philosophy and purpose It will be a challenge to get raises; she will always be fighting for the money she deserves; there will be sudden financial gains and losses
Mars – how freely she can take action and reap the rewards of her efforts Her high energy will be appreciated. She will be seen as a fighter for the company They will appreciate her energy but won’t feel she makes a real impact
Jupiter – whether she will learn, expand her skills and exercise her own judgment She is seen as wise; as someone who can resolve difficulties This company will dampen her enthusiasm; she will feel stuck and hampered
Saturn – how open the company is to her sense of discipline, systems, and business sense Jane’s stable, responsible presence will make it safe for company take risks She fits well into organizational systems.
Uranus – how creative she will feel; how innovative she will be allowed to be She is seen as unique but she instills confidence. May push the company out of the box She will be seen as rebellious and hard to manage
Neptune – how inspired she will feel; whether the work will move her She cares about the altruistic nature of the work and is particularly inspired by other women in the company She will feel inspired by the work but feel hemmed in by rules and structures
Pluto – the extent the experience will transform her Company and Jane will transform each other She can be successful but only with difficulty. She can help transform the company attitude toward women but only with struggle and adversity.

As you can see, it’s not a black and white situation.  This is where the dialogue between the counseling astrologer and the client becomes so important.  As Jane and I discussed her compatibility with each company and also the major life-changing time she is experiencing in her own life (see blog,Jump Ship?), she decided to stay with ABC for now.  Big changes are coming anyway; even if she jumps ship now, she won’t land in anything with the permanency she is looking for.  So she decided to let things unfold on their own, and keep her eye on the horizon for the next ship.

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Jump Ship, Chapter 3

Hi, everyone.  If you missed the last couple of posts about Jane, take a look at them before this one.  For those up to date, let’s continue our saga.

Jane is a CEO in the midst of the decision whether to jump ship in order to secure a position with an older, more established company.  Jane’s intuition and network hadn’t let her down; according to the astrology chart, her current company, company ABC, really is in trouble.  So next we looked at the company making the offer, Company XYZ. 

Company XYZ is almost thirty years old.  Those who are familiar with astrological cycles know that the 30 year mark is a time of maturity, the time the planet Saturn returns to the position it was at the start.  Past mistakes have become lessons learned by the end of Saturn’s first cycle around the natal chart.

Company XYZ was incorporated by an intelligent leader with a humanitarian goal, and that leader is still in place.  The company’s true purpose, which is derived from this gifted leader, matches how the public perceives the company.  The second tier of management of the company is powerful:  the company tends to hire adventurers, pioneers, and explorers.  Sometimes this has led to sudden separations and bad press, but generally the key leaders have a good mix of the practical and the visionary.

On the other hand, the company survived very difficult early years and carries deep questions about trust and betrayal, and somehow this especially falls on female leadership.  And yet, the company was incorporated under a powerful combination of two outer planets, Neptune and Pluto and has the potential to irrevocably change the religious, spiritual, artistic, medical or healing focus of society.

Currently, XYZ is not afflicted by the same Pluto transit ABC is experiencing.  Pluto is affecting it, as it is affecting all of us, but it forms no major contacts to any of the strengths or weaknesses of the company as shown by the chart. 

So, it’s a good company, but is there an opening for Jane?  We wonder, how many women have advanced in the company?  Jane fits the profile of the second tier of management.  Is there any room for her in the first tier?  Tomorrow, we’ll look at Jane’s chart and compare it to each company to see which one is a better fit.

For fun, why don’t you read the last blog and in the comments section vote:  if you were Jane, would you stay with company ABC, or would you jump ship, to company XYZ?

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Jump Ship, Chapter 2

Hello, all.  If you missed the last post about Jane, take a look at it before this one.  For those up to date, let’s continue our saga.

You remember that Jane has to decide whether to stay in a tenuous position with her current company, ABC, Inc., or jump ship and accept an offer from the competition, XYZ, Inc. 

ABC is a major corporation and a really interesting company as shown in the astrology chart.  It has a brilliant, forceful, intuitive leader with a real humanitarian vision.  He has shepherded the company through many acquisitions and a major merger with a competitor that enabled him to take the company to the top of the field.  Not only is this man charismatic, he is also disciplined, practical, and goal oriented.

This is great, and yet can be a real problem.  The rest of the organization is at cross-purposes with itself.  The structure is like two see-saws at square angles to each other, full of stress and tension among the various officers, employees, and other stakeholders.  All of the many conflicts are brought to the leader and with his blend of strong determination, foresight, and sheer good fortune, he puts the company back on track time and time again. This is not a company that could find its way without him.  He steers the vehicle single-handedly and brilliantly.  Without him it would surely crash.

He loves running the company this way – he is a true power broker, handing out power to this one and then that one, taking power away at will also.  When you are in his inner circle of advisors, the sky is the limit career-wise.  If you are out of his good graces, there is no longer a place for you.

And so we looked at the transits.  Pluto, the planet we’ve been discussing and tracking in its transit through Capricorn, is poised to stimulate the grand conflict that is at the heart of this company.  A high-magnitude earthquake is coming and this company will teeter.  The trouble will last several years with a lot of wreckage along the way.  The question is, can this one man control and guide the company through this?    How much stamina does he have?  Or will his foresight and judgment finally dictate that he puts a true management structure in place to address the myriad problems that are about to arise?

Is there a place in this scenario for Jane?  Tomorrow we’ll look at the other company.

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Jump Ship?

A very successful client of mine, we’ll call her Jane, is trying to make a career decision.  Although she is relatively happy with her current position as CEO of a subsidiary of a publically held corporation, she has become concerned about her job security.  Jane is looking for some permanency in her life and she feels she may be “on the bubble”.  Jane told me the parent corporation has been in the news lately for some quality problems which has the corporate office scrambling for scapegoats, and accidents and problems with regulatory agencies have begun to tarnish its reputation. 

In the midst of this, a recruiter called Jane with an offer to interview for a comparable position with the competition.  This competitor is an older, more established company.  Jane had heard that there are fewer opportunities for big career moves with this company but it has a solid reputation for stable, conservative actions and long-term steady growth.

How can astrology help with this decision?  First we can study Jane’s chart to examine this feeling of impending doom and whether there is any indication that the trepidation she feels inside might be foretelling an actual separation.  Then we can compile the charts for both companies and see what the major dynamics are and how each will fare in the upcoming months. 

Compiling an astrological chart for a publicly held U.S.A. company is fairly easy.  The date of incorporation is a matter of public information and can be found readily on the internet.  The date of incorporation is like the birth date in a person’s chart.  You can read a great deal about the opportunities and challenges the company will face based on the incorporation date.

A quick look at Jane’s chart easily revealed the sense of tension and imminent threat she was feeling.  We’ve talked about Pluto in Capricorn at length in the last few posts.  This powerhouse of energy is passing over one of the most sensitive points in Jane’s chart, her ascendant.  The ascendant is a major gate through which we relate to the world and with a key transit like the one Jane’s having, we’re sure to see changes in how she presents herself, her day to day life, and how people perceive her.  Change, in a big way, is coming into Jane’s life and transformation will be the result.

Jane is ready to step into her power.  Her rebirth may be tough and it will probably be dramatic. As we talked over the situation, the question became, which company was more likely to allow her to claim the sense of power she will be experiencing.  We agreed to look at the two charts, compare them to Jane’s, and see what more was revealed.  More on Jane’s story in the next post…

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