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Astro4Business Weekly Forecast – Water and Fire

Hello, everyone.

This week is a wild one!  It holds the Jupiter/Pluto square we’ve seen exploding across the world against the backdrop of the Sun, Mercury, and Mars moving into watery Pisces.  This week is like when you’re barbequing and the flames flare up.  You need to quickly spray those flames with water before they char your food.  But be careful.  Pisces also rules oils, and we know what happens when you spray oil on a flame!

Closer to home we see the waning Moon bring the finishing touches to our recent endeavors and the time to either set them aside or hand them off to someone else.

Jupiter/Pluto Square on the global stage

Jupiter began its current cycle with Pluto in December 2007, in the sign of Sagittarius.  Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and this conjunction signaled the beginning of a dozen years or so of turmoil regarding issues of morality, justice, law, treaties, leagues, and religion.  Since that starting point Pluto has moved into Capricorn and faster-moving Jupiter has travelled through Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces to arrive in the sign Aries.  This is the first square, the waxing square, between these two planets in this thirteen year synodic cycle.

Roman cast terracotta of ram-horned Jupiter Ammon, 1st century AD. (Source:Wikipedia)

I understand the waxing square as an approach/approach conflict.  Two directions are vying for our consent and the choice is inherently stressful.  We assume that if we choose one we will have to give up the other and we chafe against this requirement.  Actually the square is one of the best times to find a way to achieve both of our goals.  The key is to act, to seize the moment, to take a stand.

The recent conflicts in the Mid-East and northern Africa are perfect examples of this Jupiter/Pluto aspect.  Pluto in Capricorn brings the energy of revolution to everything Capricorn rules:  business, the economy, government, the military – all of the massive, often unseen, structures which undergird our lives.  As world leaders become more and more determined to hold their power structures together, the annihilating energy of Pluto is toppling regimes and clearing the way for new structures.

Enter Jupiter in Aries.  Jupiter, despite his reputation as the giver of boons and the planet that brings blessings and opportunity, can be aggressive and warlike, especially in Aries.  Jupiter incites us to seek our version of “truth” at any cost and won’t be held back by traditional, entrenched Capricorn.  Jupiter has big ideas in Aries, ideas like overcoming limitations, taking over territory, and establishing a new social order.  When these two giants are at a stand-off, as they are now, it gets hot!

Jupiter/Pluto square at work

This energy is playing out in our business lives, too.  We are poised to expand, to grow, to design and develop new products and services.  The Aries energy pushes us to take risks, to establish our own “new social order.”  Yet, with Pluto in Capricorn, we’re all too aware of the economic and financial turmoil which could engulf us any moment.  Credit is still tight, customers are still cautious.  The Capricorn influence wants us to hold on to what is working.  We are likely to experience a “tight in the stomach” risk aversion.  We want small, incremental change, not big new endeavors.

The problem with holding on to what is working, which is typical Capricornian behavior, is that – it’s no longer working!  Since Pluto entered Capricorn we’ve either already recognized cavernous sinkholes in our “reliable” structures, or we can sense that they are there.  So as we try to rely on what’s familiar, we recognize it’s not the safety net it used to be.  But when we go for risk and opportunity we know we’re out on shaky ground there too.

Sinkhole (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

OK.  How do we make the most of this volatile time?  Just as Pluto’s symbol is the phoenix, the mythical bird that arises from the ashes of its former self, as structures disintegrate there are opportunities to implement new ones.   As Jupiter in Aries looks for new adventures, look close to home.  Dig into the ashes of what worked in the past to find embers that still glow.  Expand into new territory using the knowledge you’ve gained from experience.

In the past two or three years we’ve all learned a lot about finance, banking, the economy, debt, credit and risk.  Bring everything you’ve learned into the new endeavor.    We’re all maturing in this challenging environment.  Jupiter gives wisdom and Pluto gives riches.  With these two we can foment our own revolution and begin again.

Pisces and Leadership

In the midst of all this we have the passage of the Sun, Mercury, and Mars from Aquarius into Pisces this week.  Pisces is a very different energy than the prior sign, Aquarius.  Aquarius is a mental, pioneering sign interested in innovation and change.  Pisces is the sign least concerned with the mundane world and its crises.  The energy of Pisces is emotional, idealistic, and compassionate, given to aesthetic and spiritual concerns.

Your leadership style under this Pisces influence may be dramatically different than the last few weeks.  You may decide to withdraw from conflict.  You may want to avoid difficult decisions and just let matters unfold.  You may feel that your efforts are futile.  You may yearn for some peace and quiet, some time to let your imagination wander.

This is easier said than done this week, in light of the Jupiter/Pluto square.  Someone has to steer the boat and your second-in-command, represented by Mars, is feeling the same way you are.  We all need time to refresh our energies and to turn our attention to our source of inspiration.  But next week is not the time.  The dose of compassionate water energy is just what this Jupiter/Pluto conflagration needs.  And the intuition of Pisces is necessary to recognize the opportunities for growth that can be sifted from the ashes when the flames die down.

I’d love to hear how your week plays out.  Your comments are always insightful.


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Pluto’s Journey through 2011

Happy New Year, everyone!

Let’s get an overview of the coming year.  In the next several posts we’ll look at the long-range and overarching influences of each planet one by one.  You’ll want to have your chart handy so you can determine whether the planet will figure prominently for you this year.   If so, follow the advice at the end about pitfalls to watch for and ways to align yourself with the energy.  (If you need a copy of your chart, see the sidebar to request a free natal chart.)

Hades, labeled as "Plouton", "The Rich One", bears a cornucopia on an Attic red-figure amphora, ca 470 BC. (Source:Wikipedia)

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto begins the year at 5 degrees Capricorn, reaches about 7 ½ degrees before turning retrograde in April, regresses to just shy of 5 degrees in September, and then turns direct to end the year at 7 degrees  Capricorn.  Two degrees in one year!

Pluto represents massive and global change which springs from the evolutionary urge of life as a whole.  It is an energy way beyond our conscious control and generally shows itself as upheaval, destruction, and reconstruction.  Its symbol is the phoenix, rising from the ashes of what has been destroyed.  In Capricorn until 2024, Pluto will particularly bring its regenerative energy to large societal structures such as government, religion, the economy, industry and the military.

Unlike 2010, when Pluto was involved in extremely stressful aspects with several other planets, its path is relatively unimpeded this year.  In late February it forms the only challenging aspect of the year with Jupiter.   This aspect can bring turmoil on the global stage, particularly in Jupiter-ruled areas such as publishing, the media, foreign relations, and with Jupiter in Aries, conflict and warfare.  But with Jupiter, we can look for opportunities, blessings in disguise, which we can capitalize on if we act ethically and responsibly in the face of this turmoil.

Pluto hastens and intensifies the processes of endings and new beginnings, and in Capricorn will bring about the ending of our business pursuits that are no longer suited to our growth and personal evolution.  But its movement is so slow and its action can be subtle.  You may sense the change to the foundational structures around you but don’t yet understand how they will impact your business.

Has Pluto come to visit you?

Unless, that is, you have chart points in the first 4 degrees of any sign, but especially Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, or Libra.  If so, you are more than aware of the impact of this energy; the last two years have been full of upheaval for you!  You can rest more easily now.  Pluto has done its work and it’s now up to you to pick up the pieces.  Whatever has survived has real value for you.  Since Pluto imbues us with power, I’m sure your strength has returned and reconstruction has begun.

And for those of you with planets from 5 degrees to about 9 degrees of any sign, but especially those mentioned above, this is your year!  Pluto transits can be difficult, but when the work is done they are the most rewarding because we are permanently freed from a long-standing, but hidden, issue.  The key is to dig down deep and open a large space within for a whole new perspective.   Be willing to become new, to become redefined, to irrevocably let go of a perception that has become outmoded, worn down, and worn out.  It’s time to shed an old skin and let a new young fresh skin grow in its place.

In your business this can play out as a crisis in which old forms of the business are being destroyed, possibly very dramatically.  With Pluto on the scene, there could be firings of key management, criminal activity, cover-ups, and almost certainly difficulties with finances, banking, and other owners.  Lack of trust and betrayal are probably at the root of the problem.  Keep your eyes and ears open and tread as carefully as you can.  Pluto can uncover some demons but it also reveals deep reserves of strength, power, and wealth.  This is your year to excavate the gold.

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A4B Today – November 9 Preparing for Pluto

Source:Wikimedia Commons

Good Day!

Today the waxing Moon enters Capricorn, bringing a focus on systems and business proficiency.  Anything you can do over the next couple of days to bring your latest inspiration down to earth will pay dividends in the future.

Capricorn loves planning.  Capricorns know that all the knowledge and inspiration in the world is useless unless it is translated into deeds.  But before springing into action we need to plan our course.  There are any number of good business plan templates on the internet; it’s a great idea to download one of them and fill in the blanks.  Here’s the link to the SBA’s Small Business Planner.  Writing a plan does not have to be hard and it provides the first gate  to be sure your idea has wings.

Pluto visit

The Capricorn Moon joins Pluto in Capricorn today, an event which repeats itself each month.  These days are our opportunity to understand at a deeper and deeper level how Pluto in Capricorn is playing out in our personal and business lives.  The more we come to understand the presence of Pluto energy, the better we can prepare ourselves for its inevitable visit.  Everyone with planets in the early degrees of Capricorn has firsthand experience with Pluto and there seems to be an interesting pattern emerging.

After hearing from several clients it looks like Pluto has a penchant for putting someone on an unexpected pedestal and then bringing about a dramatic fall.  I’ve seen this so many times now I can’t ignore it.  First comes the surprise promotion, the fantastic new client, the coveted award; then the firing, the client desertion, and the humiliation.  And now that Pluto is in Capricorn, this seems to be playing out most often in business and careers.

Time after time, people don’t see it coming and don’t have a clue as to why it’s happening and what it means.  Since Pluto moves so slowly across the heavens, it can take many months or even a couple of years before the impact passes.  It becomes a test of endurance and equanimity, which are often in short supply.

Should you despair if you see a Pluto transit coming your way?  Not at all.  It is ultimately extremely rewarding and the more time passes, the more you will recognize the permanent gifts you received during the transit.  These gifts are usually along the lines of being freed from work environments or careers that were dead-end and making you miserable.

Do Pluto transits have to be hard?  Only if you still have an ego.  Most of us are quite sure we know what’s best for us and we fight and suffer as a result.  If you can resist the temptation to struggle against Pluto’s action, whether that’s losing a job, having to relocate, or needing to start completely over in your business, then you’ll be fine.  But that’s not easy.  We’re often unaware of what is making us unhappy.  Like Steve Martin says in the movie LA Story, “I was deeply unhappy but I didn’t know it because I was so happy all of the time.”

So be sure to pay attention on a day like today.  Every month the Moon and Pluto bring us a glimpse of what is outworn and in need of purging.  So go ahead and take some concrete steps to clear out the old and make room for the new.  That’s aligning with Pluto rather than being victimized by its energy.  The old skin has to go if we’re going to become renewed.

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For more info on the business descriptions of the planets mentioned today, see

The Moon


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A4B Today – October 26 Sun friends Pluto

Source:Wikimedia Commons

Good Day!

As I mentioned in this week’s forecast, Scorpio is a prevalent energy this week and today is no exception.  The Sun in Scorpio forms a harmonious aspect to Pluto in Capricorn.  The Sun represents the most outer and controllable part of ourselves, our ego and our ability as leaders.  Pluto, the planet most closely aligned to the sign Scorpio, represents the most unconscious and uncontrollable part of our lives.  The most apparent outer part meets with the most hidden inner part:  what will be the result?

Pluto in Capricorn represents the upheaval and transformation we are seeing in the massive structures in our world:  government, religion, the economy, industry, and the military, to name a few.   In a most interesting part of astrological philosophy, these most outer and distant edifices in our lives are seen as a projection of our most unconscious inner lives.  Under this philosophy we can never blame our difficulties or reversals of fortune on the wide world out there because any conflicts there are reflections of conflicts inside of us.  If we are having trouble with our board of directors or the IRS or changes in our industry, this is actually the result of deep and transforming adjustments going on within ourselves.

The opportunity of a day like today (and really this is strong enough to influence the whole week) is that this aspect can bring to our conscious minds a recognition of the part we are playing in our own troubles, and the determination to change ourselves and thereby change our fortunes.  And if you’ve reached this point of recognition it’s probably not the first time this year you’ve seen it.  You may have seen a similar pattern which keeps emerging time after time – today is the day you can resolve it.

And here’s a hint for where to look:  conflict.  Many of us subscribe to conflict avoidance – it is one of the most common characteristics of business culture.  Most people want to be liked and don’t want to create tension with people they interact with day after day.  In comes the blessing of Scorpio.  I’ve never known a person strongly influenced by Scorpio who was afraid of conflict.  It’s like the Scorpio energy has a penchant for digging up whatever is uncomfortable, secret, or dysfunctional and laying it bare for all to see.  And this is exactly what is needed and what is offered under today’s aspect.

So how do you keep it friendly and productive?  I’d love to hear your suggestions but I offer the following:

  • Get rid of blame.  When a company culture supports feedback without blame, fewer conflicts are shoved under the carpet, to collect there and erupt later.
  • Be honest with your employees and associates.  Your honesty will elicit others to be frank and above-board, warding off nasty surprises.
  • Be aware that the energy of conflict can evoke radically different solutions than may otherwise have been recognized.
  • As the leader, it’s your job to force disputes to the surface because of the valuable insights which can be gained.  One study found that “conflicts over seemingly technical issues such as procedures, schedules, and lines of authority were in fact proxies for underlying conflicts about values and norms.”  (Ronald Heifetz & Laurie Donald, Harvard Business Review)

So let’s celebrate this week’s Scorpionic environment by taking advantage of its revealing and purifying side.  There’s a lot to be gained and this honesty can lead to another area ruled by Scorpio:  profits!

Do you have a question about your business for Ellen? See the “Work with Ellen” tab at the top of this site for my Straight to the Point Response service.

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The Sun


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A4B Today – July 20 Wisdom from Steven Forrest

Good Day!

This week we really begin to engage in the Cardinal T-square aspect of our summer of transformation.  These aspects unfold over the next four weeks in a series involving Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, with Mars thrown in there in case it wasn’t hot enough already!

Here is the specific line-up although all of these planets are powerful enough that we will experience the aspect for a few weeks on either side of the exact day.  In other words, their conflicting energies will mix and mash and morph each other throughout the next few weeks.

Jupiter(Expansion) in Aries Square Pluto(Transformation) in Capricorn     Jul 24 2010

Saturn(Contraction) in Libra Opposes Uranus(Revolution) in Aries        Jul 26 2010

Mars(Force) in Libra Opposes Uranus(Revolution) in Aries          Jul 30 2010

Mars(Force) in Libra Conjunct Saturn(Contraction) in Libra          Jul 31 2010

Jupiter(Expansion) in Aries Square Pluto(Transformation) in Capricorn     Aug 2 2010

Mars(Force) in Libra Opposes Jupiter(Expansion) in Aries         Aug 3 2010

Mars(Force) in Libra Square Pluto(Transformation) in Capricorn        Aug 3 2010

Jupiter(Expansion) in Aries Opposes Saturn(Contraction) in Libra        Aug 16 2010

Saturn(Contraction) in Libra Square Pluto(Transformation) in Capricorn      Aug 21 2010

The video below is by Steven Forrest, one of the most respected astrologers today.  He explains the upcoming time with wisdom and balance.  I hope you enjoy it.

For an overview of the week, see the Astro4Business Weekly Forecast – July 19-25

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For more info on the business descriptions of the planets mentioned today, see






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What to do about Pluto in Capricorn (Redux)

Dear Readers – this is a reprint of an earlier article published on this site.  As I’m travelling this week, and in keeping with Mercury Retrograde, I’ll be posting articles of interest from the archives each day this week. 

You may be thinking, OK, very interesting theories, but what should I do about this trend of Pluto in Capricorn?  That depends on how this trend is affecting you; where you and your business stand in relation to the cycle.

To a certain extent, your individual horoscope will determine the timing of the impact of Pluto in Capricorn on your business life.  And for a more personalized and specific answer to this question you can visit an astrologer that you trust and discuss the cycle as it relates to your chart.  (Or you can contact me for a consultation.)  But there are a few general comments that apply to all of us, because whether or not this cycle is affecting us personally yet, it may be affecting our customers, colleagues, and employees.  And our turn will come soon enough, so we may as well prepare now.

Since Pluto hastens and intensifies the processes of endings and new beginnings, it will bring about the ending of our business pursuits that are no longer suited to our growth and personal evolution.  Whatever has been slowly leaking vitality will go ahead and die at this time, including old business models, practices, and products.  (Note:  the U.S. auto industry)  But an interesting clue regarding Pluto comes from its link with the mythological phoenix, the bird that periodically goes up in flames and then is reborn from its own ashes. 

If you’re undergoing the very dramatic death of a cherished business idea or idea of yourself as a successful businessperson, start digging through the ashes for your next incarnation.  Remember, the phoenix is resurrected from the ashes of its former self.  (One of my clients had been a very successful plumbing and heating contractor who, through no fault of his own, found himself in a bankruptcy situation because of a client’s bankruptcy.  He renamed his business Phoenix Mechanical and built an even bigger and more successful business that was on much more solid footing because of the lessons he had learned.)

So dig in those ashes.  What was valid from the past?  What were the strengths you and your key employees brought to the process?  What innovations did you make that really worked?  Don’t assume that everything about the endeavor should be scrapped.  There are valuable resources in that scrapheap.  While the next new idea will not look exactly like the old one, it may bear more similarities than you expect.

Even if nothing so dramatic is happening now, it’s a great time to work with these energies to remove dead wood.  Believe it or not, old ideas and structures that you may have abandoned but not gotten rid of can absorb a great deal of psychic energy and seep decay into the environment.  Clean out those closets!  Rearrange files.  Close bank accounts that are inactive.  Sell those vehicles you no longer use.  Preempt the Pluto in Capricorn lesson.

On the positive side, write a long-term business plan.  Have a succession plan in place.  Save money!  Work toward a business structure that will outlast your own involvement.  Improve your management skills.  Empower and promote the deserving.  Invest your time and energy in a fair work environment that offers advancement for your best people.  All these things take advantage of the times and let the universe know that you intend to glide with the current, rather than try to swim against it.

Let me know what you’re going to do in the comments section below.

For another article on Pluto in Capricorn, see the link below.  This was written when Saturn was in Libra, which it will return to after retrograde motion on July 24.

Are you Irrationally Pessimistic?


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The Bank of Facebook

Hello, everyone.

This is really interesting. For the week ending March 13, Facebook surpassed Google in the US to become the most visited website for the week.

We’ve been talking about the breakdown of the banking industry coincident with Pluto in Capricorn and the rise of social media coincident with Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius. In the short video below, Thomas Power of posits that Facebook is a prime platform for peer-to-peer banking. With over a billion users expected by 2012, the capacity for all of us to invest in, loan to, and borrow from each other could annihilate the current banking industry business model. Have a look and let me know what you think.

For more information on Neptune in Aquarius, Uranus in Pisces, or Pluto in Capricorn, see the categories at the right.

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Pluto Day at the International Astrology Blog Carnival

Symbol of Pluto

Symbol of Pluto

Hello, everyone.

All day today I’ve been feeling really strange, so I looked at the stars, of course.  Sure enough, Pluto was making aspects to the Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn.  And….

The International Astrology Day Blog Carnival has begun!  Check it out –today is Pluto day.  I just scanned the titles and there are definitely articles I will return to read.

Our business and personal lives aren’t really that separate, are they?  By examining the many different facets of Pluto in Capricorn through these articles, I’m sure we’ll pick up a few gems for both.  If you find titles you particularly think apply to business life, let us all know in the comments.

To review my posts on the business aspects of Pluto in Capricorn, see the articles in the sidebar at the right.  Here are a few to get you started.

Saturn/Pluto Strategy #1
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Saturn/Pluto Strategy #3


Michael Lutin – short video on Pluto in Capricorn

Hi, everyone. For more exploration on Pluto in Capricorn, check out this short video by Michael Lutin.

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Signs of the Times – the for-profit nonprofit

Hello, everyone. 

Have you heard about the new “low-profit limited liability company?”  This new form of organization, enacted in Vermont, blends elements of for-profit and nonprofit corporations. 

Ben and Jerry’s 

The plight of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is an example of why this is needed.  When a small business gets to the point where additional investors are needed for expansion, one way of raising capital is to become a public corporation.  However, once a public corporation, the key goal of the business becomes maximizing shareholder value.  In other words, anything that can be done to increase the value of the stock, must be done. 

When a European corporation, Unilever, stepped in with an unsolicited bid to buy Ben and Jerry’s for far more than the current value of their stock, the Board was forced to sell or face a potential lawsuit from the shareholders. 

This case highlighted several issues.  Ben and Jerry’s, as well as many other small businesses, had a philanthropic purpose as well as a financial purpose.  However, once a business takes on outside capital, the shareholders can decide whether or not the philanthropic goals can be pursued.  Yes, Unilever agreed to continue to give 7.5% of Ben and Jerry’s profits and to fund the Ben and Jerry Foundation with an upfront $5MM as part of the deal.  But what happened to the other social principles, like BHT-free milk and fair trade practices with Mexican and Brazilian farmers? 

Vermont steps in 

Vermont, the home state of Ben and Jerry’s, recognized the need for a form of organization that would meet the current social enterprise trend in the business world: philanthro-capitalism, venture philanthropy, green technology, and fair-trade practices, to name a few examples of this trend.  This hybrid model, the L3C, applies to companies formed for charitable or educational purposes, but it can generate profits for the owners as long as those profits are not “a significant purpose” of the company.  

However, there is no sanction against profits, even significant profits.  And since it is based on the Limited Liability Company model rather than corporate law, there are no stringent laws pertaining to the buy/sell decisions of the owners. 

It remains to be seen how this initial statute will morph as other states take it up and as the public begins to use it.  There is also the issue of the IRS and how they will regard the entity.  But I think it is an interesting example of the times: 

  1. With Pluto in Capricorn, traditional forms of business that no longer serve are breaking down, and new forms are emerging.
  2. With Neptune in Aquarius, the rights of people to transact business as they wish without interference from government or shareholders, has gained strength.  Connections between for-profit and not-for-profit organizations are being formed and distinctions between the entities are blurring and merging.  And entrepreneurs are recognizing more and more their individual responsibility to the whole.
  3. With Uranus in Pisces, we see innovation to overcome the mature stage in the business life cycle where shareholders and the public have more power than the original owners.  We see a movement toward collaboration with other forms of business, such as foundations and non-profit entities.
  4. With Saturn in Libra, we see the support of the law to implement structures of partnership, fairness, and balance.  Saturn in Libra bridges two independent entities, making a stronger prototype through a hybrid entity. 

A step in the right direction, I’d say.  What do you think? 

For further reading on this subject, check out the Neptune in Aquarius, Saturn in Libra, and Uranus in Pisces categories at the right.  Here are some other related posts:

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Don’t forget. If you have an astrology-related business question (or a business-related astrology question) send it to me at I’ll answer it in these posts, anonymously of course, and we can all learn from each other’s experiences. I look forward to it! Have a question now? Email it and let’s get started!

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