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The following is an excerpt from a Straight to the Point Response I prepared for a client last week.  As I spoke about the general influences coming up this summer, I realized that the advice is applicable to all of us so I thought I’d share it on this blog.  It addresses the Uranus/Pluto square in place over the next two years and how we might experience this aspect in our businesses.  The client is beginning a new community service this summer but my remarks apply to any new project you may be starting.  I’ve taken out all of the personal references stemming from the individual situation to maintain the client’s anonymity. This is a transcript of an audio recording, pretty much word for word, so you may want to read it as if listening to a talk rather than reading a document. Use this next link to learn about modern Business Finance.

Phoenix depicted in the book of mythological creatures by F.J. Bertuch (1747-1822). (Source:Wikipedia)

I wanted to talk about the coming summer in general and how your project fits in with what the whole world is going through this summer.  I’m sure you’re aware of the major aspect in the sky right now, which is Uranus newly in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn.   This is an influence that permeates the whole world and we can certainly see it in some of the political situations that are happening right now.  I wanted to talk about it because if we were to make a chart of the endeavor you’re starting, it would have this major Uranus/Pluto aspect in the natal chart of its birth.  Anything that is birthed now will have this aspect.  It’s the undergirding of what we’re all doing in our day to day lives right now and anything that is born now will reflect the energy of this major square.  The aspect is not exact until next summer but it gets very, very close to exact; it’s certainly close enough to be a major factor influencing whatever is born at this time.

It’s a great time for building something that serves the community; Uranus is a force concerned with bringing community together.  Uranus rules community and groups of all kinds.  But this summer Uranus is in conflict with Pluto.  Pluto is the planet of breaking things down and transforming things, of releasing the energy that is trapped in things.  I think your endeavor can do this also, but not without stresses and tension in trying to accomplish what you’re hoping to accomplish regarding the community.  You can see this Uranus/Pluto square now in many places around the world.  Pluto in Capricorn is a very solid, almost stuck energy and it’s very stable.  This is not to say it’s stable in establishing what is good or righteous and Uranus is trying to break through or break down or free things that have gotten very stuck.  Pluto’s a pretty powerful planet but so is Uranus.  It’s like two titans in the sky, both in an intractable frame of mind.

But the square is in cardinal signs, Aries and Capricorn, and how we are meant to respond to this kind of impasse is to take action.  This is not the time to be passive or to feel that the powers that be are more powerful than we are.  Especially with Uranus in Aries we’re all meant to take action and to believe that we can have an impact.  As challenging and intractable as this impasse is, we can actually make a difference using these same energies, which will affect our lives, the lives of our communities, and the life of the world.  You can see this same energy fomenting the revolutions in the Mideast because people are feeling that as individuals we have power to make a difference and that what we do individually actually has an impact on the world around us.

Intractable Square (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

With a square the energy is so powerful and hard to deal with that sometimes we project one part or the other.  But the point is that both the Pluto and Uranus archetypes are in play, in each of us and throughout our world.  Sometimes it becomes so difficult to reconcile two energies when they are in a challenging angle to each other that we project one side or the other, or if there are two of us involved in a project, one person may play one role and the other may play another role.  The person playing Uranus in Aries might be seen as the innovator, the risk-taker, the one who wants to break free of the past, to begin something new, something creative and inventive.  Another party, either your community in general or one of the two of you, might play the person more in the power seat, more connected to the structures already in place or more content with what has been traditionally acceptable in the past.  For example, your project could be an upstart and there is another established group you may be in conflict with.  Or you guys may be part of the established structure that honors the traditions of your community and someone else may be coming in and trying to foment a revolution, be the upstart, the new kid on the block.

Both of these energies are in play and both are part of your endeavor.  So if you run into one of the two corners of this energy, either the upstart innovator or the tradition-bound system, just remember that both of these are part of the birth of your endeavor.  They will both stamp your endeavor, and they both have a lot to give your endeavor because there is a great deal of energy generated as we try to manage this conflict throughout the world and in our lives.

Capricorn Glyph (Source:Wikipedia)

One of the symbolic representations of Pluto is the phoenix, the mythical bird that immolates itself and then rises from the ashes of its former self.  This energy is very much in our environment these days also.  As I thought about this for your project, I wanted to say that this symbol is one you should take advantage of now.  Just like the phoenix is resurrected from the ashes of its former self, our role right now is to dig in the ashes of our former selves, the ashes of the past, and recognize those things that were valid; talents you developed, strengths you cultivated, and innovations you made can be carried into this new endeavor.  You shouldn’t assume that everything from the past should be scrapped.   There are good solid innovations from the past that can be brought into the present.  There are valuable resources in what you are bringing to this new project.  Even if the past is no more, there are still valid ideas and valid creative expressions that can be brought into the current endeavor.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t let things go; you should.  That’s what Pluto in Capricorn is all about, systems and structures that have been in place for a long time that have become tradition-bound and need to fall, to topple and to be reborn.  But look for the baby to keep, so to speak, as you empty the bathwater.

Uranus in Aries begins a new 84-year cycle.  There’s a lot of energy right now for new beginnings.  It actually harmonizes in a way with Pluto in Capricorn because Pluto in Capricorn is about breaking down old structures, any that have become dead, decayed, and in need of rebirth.  And then Uranus in Aries comes along and says, this is the way I’m going to do it:  revolution, power to the people, power to the community, something new, something that we haven’t tried before.  These two together spell a time of change and the establishment of new unique ideas.  It’s a great time to think in completely unique and creative ways, to try things you’ve never tried before, or have never been attempted by anyone before.  It’s a time to really let your creative imagination be free, and not just because we’re each individually channeling this energy of revolution and change.  But our customers, the people who partake of our creative endeavors and products, will also be ready for something different, something unique, something new – we’re all ready to let the past be the past and to step into a new paradigm.

Aries Glyph (Source: Wikipedia)

Uranus in Aries is very entrepreneurial and individualistic, so the innovations and changes are coming through the individual.  Uranus operates through groups very well but each person in the group is going to want to express himself or herself individually.  It might be more difficult than usual to have people work as an ensemble, to get everyone to sing the same note, metaphorically speaking.  You may have to build this understanding into your operations because each person feels they have something to give that is unique and individual and is willing to stand alone to offer it.  You’ll have to account for the lone wolf who wants their own unique voice to be heard and if you do, that wolf will join you in the pack.

And lastly I wanted to say to expect the unexpected.  With Uranus in Aries we’ll all be surprised that what we think we’re doing, well, the future is anybody’s guess as to where it’s going to go. So hold to your plan loosely.  I think your idea is great and the endeavor will be successful but hold it loosely so that as time unfolds it can change.  I think change is going to be a big feature of the coming couple of years: change is a keyword of both Uranus and Pluto.   Change will be part of any endeavor being born at this time.  So hold your enterprise in a way that you can allow it to change, maybe even often and maybe dramatically.

For a specific time of unpredictability, the whole first half of the month of August is a very volatile time.  There are very close aspects with Mars, Uranus, and Pluto which bring lots of energy and lots of instability.  There are likely to be major decisions you need to take or challenges you need to deal with at that time and you’ll need to actively guide the ship through some rough waters.  Remember to take the wheel and steer.

At this point I addressed their situation in a more personal manner, looking at their natal charts, current transiting planets affecting their charts, and suggesting some dates for incorporation.  But the above is guidance for all of us to keep in mind as this time of change begins.


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