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A4B Today – June 18 Pot-Pourri

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Good Day!

Today, with Mercury in Gemini confronting Mars in Virgo and the Virgo Moon, we may be running in so many directions it may be hard to get anything done.  Our interests will range near and far, and even though we have a lot to do this Friday, it’s hard to sit still to do it.  As I’m getting ready to travel back to the States tomorrow, rather than write, I thought I’d give you a few avenues to explore.

And by the way, did you know “the word potpourri comes from the French word ‘pot-pourri,’ which was the French name for a Spanish stew with a wide variety of ingredients called olla podrida. In English, ‘potpourri’ is often used to refer to any collection of miscellaneous or diverse items.” (From

Since today and this whole week are so heavily Mercury ruled, with the Moon, Saturn, and Mars in Mercury-ruled Virgo, and Mercury in its own sign, Gemini, check out this series on Mercury by Donna Cunningham.  She even includes a test whereby you can see how heavily influenced you are by this planet of communications and sales:  How Strong is Your Mercury?  Here’s the Score. Don’t miss all the comments, too. On Donna’s blog, the comments are often frank and fascinating.

Here’s a great introduction to the upcoming Solstice on Monday by Mandi Lockley: The Solstice and the Grand Cross.

This is a fun new series by Patricia Thompson, picking a word each day that corresponds to the day’s astrology. Patricia’s writing is fun and light and full of cool tidbits and quotes. Today’s word: Hypochondria.

cjwright, one of my favorites, gives us good advice about how to best use the time of the Virgo Moon. She even includes a recommendation of what to eat! (Don’t worry, its yummy.) Sun in Gemini/Moon in Virgo.

And if you’d like to peek in at a blog post that raised absolute hell among us geekly astrologers, check out: Virgos are Narcissists. Beware if you’re a sensitive Virgo-type though – there’s some pretty strong language here.

Have a great day and rest well this weekend. Next week is unlike any we’ve seen in a long time – some say 10,000 years!

For an overview of the week, see the Astro4Business Weekly Forecast – June 14

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For more info on the planets influencing today, see

The Sun

The Moon



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The Zodiac and the Business Life Cycle – Start-up

Hello, everyone.

Writing to you from outside London, in Sevenoaks, Kent.  I’m staying in an apartment with a sweet back yard full of flowers, apples, and plums, lush, green, and about 20 F degrees colder than Georgia, USA!  Change of scenery, change of pace, Mars in Cancer still working its way through my life.  How about yours?

In recent weeks we’ve looked at long-term influences correlated to the slower-moving planets with an eye to understanding current and future conditions that will have a bearing on our business plans for 2010.  We’re getting there!  We’ve looked at Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Aquarius, Saturn in Virgo, and we’ve begun looking at Uranus. 

Before we examine Uranus in the sign of Pisces, I want to give an overview of the cycle of the zodiac and the standard business life cycle.  The progression through the zodiac is a map of the natural cycles of development and change that all life goes through, including the life cycle of a business. Over the next few posts, we’ll look at these natural cycles and how they are also reflected in business life cycles.


Business Life Cycle

Business Life Cycle

In Aries, a fire sign ruled by Mars, the spark of life is new.  In business, this is the pre-start up phase, when the idea has just formed.  This is a highly entrepreneurial* time, when the owner is evaluating his or her personal reasons for going into business, making the decision to begin operating a business, and deciding what type of business he or she will begin.  This is also referred to as the “seed stage” in the business life cycle and the focus is on perceiving the business opportunities at hand and matching them with the owner’s skills, experience, and passions.  *(Entrepreneur in English is a term applied to the type of personality who is willing to [begin] a new venture or enterprise and accepts full responsibility for the outcome. Source:Wikipedia)

Whether a new product, or an established product or service in a new location or market, this is the initiatory phase, the spark has ignited but it has not burst into form yet.  At this stage the Aries traits of courage, independence, and enthusiasm are apparent.


This is the stage of business development when the spark of Aries begins to take a form.  Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus, and as such, is concerned with manifesting an idea in the physical world. At this stage the business owner chooses and registers the name and opens a bank account in the business name. There may be research and product development, obtaining financing, and setting up the legal structure for the business.

This is the phase when products or services begin to be in production, and when there begins to be a customer base and market presence.  Hopefully at this phase the business begins to create cash flow.  The Taurus traits of practicality, persistence, and patience are needed at this stage.


Gemini, an air sign ruled by Mercury, brings to the business sales and marketing efforts, signing procurement contracts, setting up the bookkeeping, and obtaining the necessary licensing.  In this phase advisors such as accountants and lawyers are chosen and usually the form of the business, whether incorporated, limited, or sole proprietorship is chosen and legally established.  Producing sales and services to generate cash flow becomes a major focus for the business.

The Gemini traits of versatility, rationality, and communications ability are important to the developing business at this stage.

These are the signs that correspond to the start-up phase of a business life cycle.  Once these initial steps have been taken, more complexities come into play, as we’ll examine in the next few posts.

Mercury Retrograde Stories

Any Mercury retrograde stories?  I’ve got one.  My daughter-in-law Natasha went to the train station today to buy a monthly commuter ticket for her job that starts tomorrow in London.  The very nice man at the ticket counter said that the computerized ticketing system had been down all day and they were trying not to sell tickets today because they would have to process them manually.  She had to patiently wait (she’s a Taurus) as the man repeated himself eight times that he was trying not to sell her a ticket.  Her Taurus persistence won out and she finally bought the ticket, although we’re hoping it is in the system by tomorrow morning at 6:30 when she has to catch the train.

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