Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello, everyone.

After reading the Astro4Business Monthly Forecast for March, a reader asked:

How ’bout buying and selling real estate? Does that work this month?

This question addresses so many levels of business and astrology that I could write about it for an entire week!   I’ll try to do the questioner some justice in this post, but it may need further clarification over time.

The Macro Level

Let’s start at the macro level.  We’re all aware that a slow recovery has begun in the real estate markets.  At least that’s the opinion of most economic experts.  The speculation bubble coincident with Pluto in Sagittarius burst completely when Pluto entered Capricorn. 

Capricorn is an earth sign and rules the structural components of our society, including real estate.  Pluto rules shared resources, debt, and the crises that are sometimes necessary to bring us back into alignment with our fundamental values and principles.  These crises are not over yet; Pluto will remain in Capricorn until 2024, although I do believe that during the first few years of the cycle there are more major upheavals than in the later years.  In the later years, people are more used to the energy and the surprise element is gone  We respond more rationally, make better decisions, and learn to take advantage of the situation.

You could say we may be at the point where the major quakes in the market have already happened, but the aftershocks will be with us for some time.

Add to this the stressful square aspect that Pluto is making to Saturn, and soon unpredictable Uranus will join the fray.  At least during 2010, I expect a lot of volatility throughout the economic system and the different markets that comprise the system.

Back to Basics

All of this brings me back to the fundamentals:  the answer depends on what is the motive for purchasing real estate at this time.  Real Estate has advantages and disadvantages, just like all investment vehicles.  Home ownership, particularly, has potential tax advantages and the fact that the investment is tangible has distinct psychological advantages.  Historically real estate has been an excellent hedge against inflation, and you can leverage its value as security for loans.

The major disadvantage to real estate investment is the illiquidity of the investment.  Because there is no organized market like there is for stocks and commodities, it is difficult to convert it to cash quickly if you need it.  It takes a relatively large initial investment and there are extra costs related to the purchase or sale.  It is immobile, obviously, and as we have all learned, its future value can be completely unpredictable.

I know my reader was not asking me the question as a financial planner; the question related to the astrological advisability.  But since I am a professional CPA and CFP I can’t help but list some of the pros and cons.


Now to the astrology.  Like I noted in a previous post, life doesn’t just stand still.  There are always many different energies converging on any single moment or month.  The best use of astrology is to recognize these influences and then come up with a strategy that incorporates the best and mitigates the most challenging of these energies.

I would say, in direct answer to the question of whether real estate buying and selling works this month, the best strategies include:

  1. Check, double-check, and recheck again all of the paperwork and deals.  With the major squares and oppositions this month, expect to be at cross-purposes with everyone you transact business with.  This is not to say you can’t make a great deal.  It’s just to be extra-vigilant about the heightened competition and aggression of this time.
  2. Be sure you have all the legal advice you need.  With Saturn in Libra, a wise legal advisor is your best ally.  Talk over the deal and have them review any paperwork.  Money spent at this stage will pay off in the end.
  3. Continuing with Saturn in Libra, a good solid partnership will give you an edge, especially if each of you balances the excesses of the other.  And be sure the partnership paperwork protects each of you in case the other can no longer participate.  That legal advisor in #2 comes into this aspect as well.
  4. Wait until after Mars turns direct on March 10, and also until after the New Moon on March 15, to complete the deal.  Research and negotiations are fine now, but if you want your investment to grow, it should begin between the New and Full Moon.
  5. Keep in mind that in this economy and astrological environment, your investment should be seen as long-term.  The market is too volatile this year to invest in real estate for short-term gains.
  6. Be patient.  With Saturn retrograde until the end of May, bureaucratic snafus may hold up the transaction.

Do any readers have anything to add?  Let us know in the Comments.

Don’t forget. If you have an astrology-related business question (or a business-related astrology question) send it to me at I’ll answer it in these posts, anonymously of course, and we can all learn from each other’s experiences. I look forward to it! Have a question now? Email it and let’s get started!

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