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A4B Today – July 15, Virgo Specificity

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Good Day!

Today the Virgo Moon joins Mars in Virgo.  We’re on a Virgo adventure this week as the Moon in Virgo met Venus yesterday, Mars today, and Saturn tomorrow.  Since the week is pretty astrologically light otherwise, we’re taking advantage of the lull to examine some practices that bring out the best of Virgo for our work and businesses.

We’ve been learning from Lindsay Satterfield, who teaches productivity internationally and coaches professionals about workflow.  She helps leaders to understand and manage their ever-expanding and changing commitments, responsibilities, priorities and demands.  She counsels that we must have a workflow system in order to be truly innovative and spontaneous.

That’s the role of Virgo in the zodiac – picking up the pieces, putting them into order, archiving and cataloging so when the moment comes, we’re ready.  Virgo as the sixth sign in the zodiac categorizes everything we’ve learned that has come before and prepares us for the upsweep of energy and change that comes with the next sign, Libra.  Very soon, all these planets – the Moon, Mars, Venus, and Saturn – will transition out of Virgo and into the next sign, setting up the climax of this summer of transformation over the next few weeks.  Are you totally ready?  If not, use this week of Virgo energy to get organized so you can take advantage of the culminating energies rather than being swept away by them.

I asked Lindsay to share a few tips with us that she has used effectively with her clients.  Be sure to see yesterday’s post for the first tip (link below):

Take a load off the mind/Define your work.

This next tip is perfect for today’s Moon/Mars energy because it’s about ACTION.  Lindsay says,

Actions are where it’s at. Even the most ambitious endeavor happens one step at a time through pretty much the same handful of verbs:  call, email, revise, draft, talk to, and so on.  When you define your work, identify specific actions.  This seems obvious – but few people do it.  Most of us think of the specific action for the item on our list closer to the time we do it.  Instead, stage your actions as things come into your world so you are ready to roll at any moment.  When your work is staged with this kind of up-front specificity, you become more agile – able to shift direction quickly as needed and then return to where you were without a lot of fuss and disorientation.

Defining the next action is one of my favorite time-and-energy saving tips.  When I identify the very next action to take, it brings large overwhelming projects down to bite-sized bits.  It’s not “write all the blogs I need to post during my trip to Lake Tahoe;” no, the next action is “look up the astrology for the first day.”  Little by little, step by step I focus on the next action only – this is Virgo productivity.  And it’s not that I’m a Virgo – in fact I have no planets in Virgo in my chart.  I had to learn this along the way and I still work on incorporating it daily.

So I encourage you:  take an hour today and see if you can identify the very next action for the array of tasks on your to-do list.  You may be surprised how do-able it all looks when you get “verby” about it.  Believe me, with the Moon channeling Mars in Virgo today, you’ll not only get a lot done, but the right things done too.

Do you have productivity tips that work for you? Please share them with all of us in the comments.

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Astro4Business Today – June 7, Mars enters Virgo

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Good Day!

Today the planet Mars moves into the sign Virgo.  Of all the planets, Mars is particularly easy for most people to recognize as it manifests as our energy level, our desires, our actions, and our drive and motivation.  Let’s explore some of the facets of Mars in Virgo by looking at how Diane Booth Gilliam, a businesswoman with Mars in Virgo natally, exemplifies this placement.

I asked Diane, the owner and creator of Yogastrology, to write something about Mars in Virgo for this blog and this was her response.  She did a lovely job of explaining Mars in Virgo as she highlights her efforts to launch her new website:

“On our new website, which we’ll be launching on June 8, there will be a little spot for videos, homemade, very intimate, like sitting down in a private yoga therapy session.  These videos feature a yoga pose and then a journaling exercise to write about what realizations come to you during the pose, really letting yourself flesh out those deep inner experiences – taking yoga off the mat into the world.”

Insights into Mars in Virgo:

  • Homemade, homespun – Mars in Virgo loves excellence, craftsmanship, and simplicity on the physical level.
  • Journaling – Virgo is the sign of the writer, the recorder, the chronicler.  Mars in Virgo knows the value of the written word to preserve and deepen experience.
  • Letting yourself flesh out deep inner experiences – Mars in Virgo works to bring wisdom from the depths to the surface of the earth, so to speak, in order to make it accessible to everyone.
  • Taking yoga off the mat and into the world – again, the practicality of Mars in Virgo, the value of applying energy to what is useful in the everyday world.

More from Diane:

“The new website will introduce our new product line [12 workbooks, yoga for the current sign, a new workbook every month/every zodiac sign] starting with Yogastrology for Cancer and theme Open Heartedness — and we are — I am — thrilled and terrified and honored to able to offer our new service(s) to the world via the world wide web.”

Mars in Virgo insights:

  • Note how her plan encompasses a whole system and the organized approach to the project, a hallmark of Mars in Virgo.
  • Thrilled, terrified, and honored – no bold proclamation of Mars in Leo.  In its place the humble offering spirit of Mars in Virgo.

And again, from Diane:

“Also included in our launch is our new affiliate program where we’re inviting everyone who has a website [fitness, health, yoga, astrology, spirituality, and all wellness-oriented websites are especially encouraged] to apply to affiliate with Yogastrology.”

Mars in Virgo insights:

  • Affiliate program – inclusive and practical.  This Mars in Virgo has thought through the monetization aspect of her on-line business.  Mars in Virgo requires real-world success to underwrite its service to others.
  • Health and wellness-oriented – Virgo is the sign most interested in the health of the physical body and Mars gives her the drive to create a business out of it.
  • Notice the multiple aspects to this launch – Videos, journaling, workbooks, a new product each month, an affiliate program.  Mars in Virgo applies energy in many directions but generally is careful not to scatter its energies too widely. Virgo gives a realistic sense of what is just right – not too much, not too little, moderate, in the middle.

Can you get a sense of Mars in Virgo as applied to business from Diane?  Practical, useful, moderate. Detailed and organized action.  Accomplishment in the real world.  Service.  These are the energies available to us over these next two months.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Thank you to Diane for letting us see Mars in Virgo in action.  And good luck with your launch tomorrow!

To visit Diane Booth Gilliam’s Yogastrology site, here’s the link.

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