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Good Day!

Today is a power day in this lunar cycle.  The dark of the Moon has come, those couple of days just before the New Moon when our energy turns inward for rejuvenation and reflection before the upswing of the new cycle.  Today, as we spend time finishing up and, ideally, resting, the Libra Moon meets Saturn, also in Libra.

Libra is the sign of relationship, including business relationships, and Saturn is very powerful in this sign.  Saturn has a special affinity with business as the Saturn energy contracts our ideas and inspiration into material form.  Without the limiting and disciplined focus of Saturn, our best ideas would remain on paper and never become manifest in the world.

As the Moon meets Saturn in Libra, chances are good for an informative and insightful interaction with a seasoned business advisor.  This is an excellent day to meet to review where you’ve been and to envision where you might be going.  If this supporter is intimately related to your work like a trusted colleague or long-term partner, then even better.  You’re both willing to share your insights today and figure out how to take your business to the next level.

If you don’t have this trusted ally, today is a good day to look around and establish a connection with someone for a mutually beneficial relationship.  Be willing to give as much as you receive; you may have just the edge someone else is looking for while they may have a talent you’d like to develop.  A casual conversation is fine to get it started, but you should look for a long-term, committed relationship for a defined length of time in order to take advantage of today’s energies.

By the way, it’s fine to begin this relationship today, even though we are days before the New Moon.  This is not an externalized partnership; this is a behind-closed-doors one-on-one affiliation, which you will hopefully develop over time into a valuable, though discreet, asset in your business.  This relationship will focus on career advancement and professional development, and again, if you can connect with someone whom you can mentor too, it will be doubly beneficial.  Reciprocal mentoring is perfect for Saturn in Libra.

Do you have someone in mind?  Are you already working with someone?  Let us know about the relationship in the comments.  Saturn will be in Libra for the next couple of years:  let’s all make the commitment to gain this valuable business partnership.

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