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Picking a great day

As an example of an intersection of business and astrology, this is how I picked the launch date for this blog. Once I became clear that I wanted to write this blog, I was fired up with enthusiasm about the project. I visited websites (special thanks to, signed up for training (with, wrote an intention, and sat down to write my first entry. Instead of writing, though, I looked at the astrology for the day. It was the day after the full moon, a good day personally for clarity, but not the optimal date to launch a new endeavor.

Even though the day after the full moon can be good for disseminating information and teaching, ancient wisdom deems the next two weeks a waning time, good for research and laying roots and foundations, but not good for launching something you hope will grow and flower in the exterior world. So I looked up the planetary positions for the next new moon. The day after the new moon is a good time to begin a new endeavor and the next new moon would be in Cancer, which is compatible with my personal horoscope.

So here is the strategy I devised with the help of astrology: develop the technical knowledge I needed about the website and blogging in the two weeks before the new moon, and then launch the blog the day after the new moon. In the two weeks of preparation, I recognized the sense in waiting; there was a lot of work to do before I was ready to post my first blog! Looking at the astrology helped me to tune in to the wisdom that was hiding beneath my enthusiasm.

In other words, I took advantage of the ancient wisdom of astrology to more successfully approach a professional situation. This is a simple place to start. Many calendars show the new and full moon. Next time you have a new beginning, opening a store, hiring a new employee, launching a new product, try to coordinate it to occur within a day or two after the new moon. As farmers have known for centuries, this simple timing can insure that your endeavors are coordinated with the lunar cycle and this alignment alone will support your success.

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Welcome, everyone: old friends, clients, new friends, those of you I’ve met, those I’ll meet through these pages. Welcome to a long-term, mutually beneficial conversation about the wisdom of astrology as it pertains to the success and profitability of your business.

My background includes astrology, business, taxes, accounting, financial planning, spirituality, writing, and teaching. I hold a current CPA license and Certified Financial Planner designation. My degree is in Business Administration.  I owned and managed a business advisory practice in Taos, New Mexico called Taos Financial Strategies for twenty years. During that time I helped course-correct many different businesses that were facing various financial and management challenges.

From there I went on to become the Chief Financial Officer and Director of Headquarter Operations for a large international non-profit based in New York. As leader of the Executive Team, I was responsible for the Finance, Legal, Marketing, Products, Risk Management, I.T., and Strategic Planning areas.  In November 2008 I decided to pursue my first love, Astrology, and merge it with my other first love, Business.

I began studying Astrology thirty-five years ago, and throughout the course of my business career, always used it to guide and enlighten me. I call this blog “Intersections” because I am interested in the points where different disciplines, philosophies, cultures, and ways of life intersect each other. In this blog we will discuss the intersection between business success and astrology.

My intention for this blog is to examine business topics from an astrological point of view, to share my own extensive experience, and to pass along to you insights that will help you understand how to use the ancient wisdom of astrology in your business.

  • We’ll talk about the current trends in the marketplace as shown by the cycles in the skies.
  • We’ll look at fascinating case studies involving the intersection of business and astrology.
  • We’ll have guest interviews with people who have successfully used astrology to improve their business success.
  • We’ll discuss current business news in light of the progress of the planets through the sky.
  • We’ll have a smattering of the history of astrology and how it’s been used to insure the success of rulers and presidents(!).
  • And we’ll always focus on how you can use astrology to make your business more enjoyable, profitable, and beneficial to your world.

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