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Good Day!

Before I get into the passage of the Moon today, and she is dancing with some difficult partners, I wanted to note two things from yesterday.  Perhaps you noticed a shift in energy or expression as Venus left her own sign Libra and entered Scorpio yesterday.  Or maybe you noticed Jupiter leaving Aries and entering his own sign, Pisces.

It is one of the intentions of this blog to help us all to tune into a more subtle level of energies, myself included.  I think the more we can notice what is happening on the outside and the inside, the better business decisions we’ll make and, generally, the more successful we will be.  I often hear from people who share how satisfying it is when they are pursuing a certain course of action and then open this blog and find out they are right in tune with the planets.  And I admit I have the same experience.  Since I write these posts a day or two earlier than they come out, I forget what I’ve written by the time the day comes.  And then I get a pleasant surprise too.

Getting back to Venus and Jupiter, did you notice anything yesterday?  As an overall guideline, both of these planets are indicative of and concerned with our happiness and well-being.  Venus is more personal and Jupiter is a little more abstract, but they are both considered benefics in astrology:  energies you can count on for support, enthusiasm, and contentment.

Both Venus and Jupiter entered water signs yesterday, Scorpio and Pisces.  This indicates a natural shift toward emotional connection.  Water signs are reflective, responsive, and fertile.  Family, intimacy, and compassion are the realm of water signs.  Did you notice a gift or an opportunity in any of these areas?  I’m conducting a little research project, so if you did, can you leave a comment or shoot me an email?  I’d appreciate it.

OK, the Moon.  The Moon has quite a journey today.  Brand new, barely on her feet, she encounters all of the big boys of the past summer, running into Uranus and Jupiter in the early morning hours (MDT) while she’s still in Virgo. When she enters Libra she encounters Pluto in Capricorn and then Saturn in Libra.  Yikes!

This could have the effect of bringing all the “chickens home to roost.”  Each issue you hoped you left behind after the tumultuous summer may show its face again today, one after another.  This could take the form of meetings and memos reminding you of what still needs to be addressed, or intrusions on your time about issues you thought were resolved.  But luckily it won’t feel as stressful as a few weeks ago when we were in the thick of these conflicts.  Just remaining shards of a past you’ve left behind, as a great teacher once said.

The day ends with a Mars/Neptune alliance, which will help to soothe anything that was stirred up earlier.  The Neptune influence on Mars can be felt all week and it may seem to make your team less productive than usual.  That’s because they’re listening to a different drummer this week.  It’s best to let people delve into their creativity rather than require concrete achievements today.  And you, too!

Here’s a treat for you to celebrate Mars/Neptune.

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