Entrepreneurship is generally regarded as one of the essential characteristics for success.  Entrepreneurship is defined as “a risk-taking businessperson, somebody who initiates or finances new commercial enterprises.”

But there are different kinds of risk, and I’d say anyone in business for themselves is a risk-taking person.  What is risk?   “The chance of something going wrong:  the danger that injury, damage, or loss will occur.”  So how do the different signs of the zodiac deal with risk?

If you are highly influenced by this sign, look for these ways to deal with risk:

  • Aries – loves risk.  This warrior will create a risky situation even out of something safe just to have a battle to fight and win.
  • Taurus – slowly and steadily applies their effort to the situation.  Their belief in practical solutions lets them carry a great deal of risk with little stress.
  • Gemini – studies and learns about the situation.  Talks to people, gathers ideas, and comes up with a plan to address it.
  • Cancer – has a tendency to worry and carry stress in the belly.  They do well to have close family or friends to process problems with and to know someone is firmly on their side.
  • Leo – also likes risk, but wants concrete rewards.  They usually do not like to consult others but rather to devise their own solution and take the credit for overcoming adversity.
  • Virgo – may also carry stress in the body.  These are the people who need regular eating habits, regular massage, and regular exercise to wash stress from their body.  Once their bodies are stress-free, their good minds can devise the solution.
  • Libra – needs someone dependable to share in the responsibility and rewards.  These are people who thrive in partnership and don’t mind sharing the glory.
  • Scorpio – seldom shows stress to others but feels it deeply.  They would do well to take some days without other duties to delve deeply into the issue causing the stress, research every possible way to overcome it, and when they emerge, take quick and decisive action.  No holds barred.
  • Sagittarius – seldom feels stress.  They so love new opportunities that they don’t notice the stress everyone else around them is feeling.  Eat, drink, be merry, and make a lot of money!
  • Capricorn – will take well-considered, careful action to directly address the issue.  No sudden moves here, but no wishy-washy activity either.  Address it, conquer it, move on.
  • Aquarius – will find a solution that is fair to everybody.  As long as they take the moral high road, they do not fear the danger.
  • Pisces – understands the ebb and flow of business and lets go of what is no longer viable.  Ideally they float on top of situations and don’t become too concerned with loss (or gain).