Phases of the Moon, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern hemisphere will see a mirror image of this phase. (Source:Wikipedia)

Phases of the Moon, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern hemisphere will see a mirror image of this phase. (Source:Wikipedia)

This week I’m starting a new feature:  weekly business forecasts.  Each week on Monday I’ll post what to look for in the coming week, which days are good to push forward, which days are better for maintaining status quo.  I’ll let you know the phase of the Moon (great chart above) and how to best use its energy, as well as any other major influences and how to best take advantage of them. 

This area of astrology is called forecasting or predictive astrology.  Interestingly, there is a vociferous debate among astrologers as to which word is the proper term for looking ahead to the future.  Some people think that prediction somehow means the astrologer is telling the client what future steps they will take and what the outcomes will be.  It rings too much like destiny or fate for many astrologers and clients.  Forecasting, like forecasting the weather or forecasting the stock market, somehow has a less intrusive, more objective tone.  As in, I’m only forecasting the trends; what you do with them is up to you.  In other words, you have the free will to decide what to do.

What is the intersection of free will and destiny?  This is a deep and far-ranging subject which we’ll explore at length later in the series, but for now I liken it to planting a tomato plant.  It is entirely up to you when to plant tomatoes.  You can plant them in the coldest part of the winter or in the searing heat of the summer.  With persistent effort and a lot of support, they will survive.  Given grow lights, temperature regulation, and intensive care you can enjoy tomatoes in a few months.

You can also choose to plant your tomatoes in the spring.  With the natural lengthening of the days and gradual accumulation of heat and rain, you can also enjoy tomatoes in a few months time.  What is different?  The amount of effort and will it takes to accomplish something that is not in its natural season.  Take surfing – if you catch the wave at the right point, if you match your momentum to the momentum of the wave, you are carried by the natural force beneath you.  You can also paddle your surfboard to shore, fighting the waves and tidal current.  The choice is yours.

The choice is always yours.  There is no power greater than human intention and we can usually accomplish what we put our minds to.  What astrology says is, here comes the spring, here comes the wave, if you catch it now you’re going to have a smoother ride with a lot less effort.

(By Rafael Velarde. Pico Alto. PerÃ&ordm)

(By Rafael Velarde. Pico Alto. Perú)

So what’s the current wave?

This week the Moon is waning, from the full moon last week to the new moon on August 20.  This phase of the moon is called waning gibbous, and it is interpreted as a disseminating phase, a good time for teaching or distributing the fruit of your work over the last three weeks.  If you’ve perfected a new product, this is the time to let customers or clients know, perhaps through a new ad campaign or online press release in a social networking site.  Speaking to groups is favored this week and training or mentoring would be a good use of this potential.

In the first couple of days of the work week the Moon will be in the sign of Aries.  Aries can be impulsive and energetic and your employees may want extra attention. Be sure to give praise and individual attention where it is warranted and keep everyone busy, including yourself.  That’s a good use of all the extra energy.  Later in the week when the Moon moves into Taurus, things will steady and a sweeter atmosphere will envelope us.

On Monday there is a difficult aspect between Mars, the planet of energy, competition and risk, and Saturn, the planet of discipline, regulations, and limitations.  Combined with the Aries Moon (Mars rules the sign Aries, so double the intensity), people may feel frustrated and angry at any efforts to control them.  A good use of this energy, for you and for your staff, is to tackle a big hard problem that has defied resolution lately.  Give people something big to chew on and this energy can be an excellent support for finally resolving it.

By Thursday Mars will be connecting to Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and the effort will have paid off.  Confidence and energy will soar!  Healthy competition among people and a spirit of enterprise could lead to further breakthroughs.

And then by Friday, the optimism may go overboard.  With the Sun opposing Jupiter, the tendency is to do too much.  Overconfidence, especially on the part of the business owner or leader, may lead to overload.  Try to balance the workload at a point that is sustainable for everyone or the troops may rebel!  The week will end on an up note, with lots accomplished and figured out, if you don’t try to take it too far.  Time to celebrate!