NASA: LCROSS bombing of Moon, Oct. 9, 2009 (Depiction)

NASA: LCROSS bombing of Moon, Oct. 9, 2009 (Depiction)

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Hello everyone.

Let me start by saying I’m not a conspiracy theorist.  I’ve always been too optimistic (Sagittarius Sun; Jupiter on my Ascendant) for that.  I also tend to look inward for issues to resolve rather than outward:  I just feel much more power to heal myself than to heal the world.  And I deeply believe that as I heal myself, the world around me will be healed as a result.

That having been said, I’ve been thinking about the Moon bombing last Friday.  It came to my attention because astrologers all over the net have been denouncing it.  Ray Merriman, a respected and rational financial astrologer, says, “But what is the symbolism of bombing the Moon? The Moon is a satellite of the Earth, and in the study of astrology it represents the home and family. In this sense, we could say that the Moon represents Earth and its human family, and the bombing could be symbolic of bombs on Earth. It is interesting to note that just prior to the Moon shot, the Indian Embassy in Kabul was bombed… The purpose of the Moon shot, according to NASA and the USA, was scientific in nature. The hope is to find water on the Moon for…. what purpose? To consider colonies there in the future? Excuse my naïveté, but it sounds a little like Iran’s claim of enriching Uranium for peaceful purposes. To astrologers everywhere, the bombing of the Moon is not positive symbolism.

As I researched the Moon bombing, I ran into what many believe to be credible evidence that when the USA landed on the Moon in the late sixties, astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong saw evidence and took pictures of an extraterrestrial base on the dark side of the moon.  According to this view, there was, and still may be, a huge settlement and mining operation going on, and also a sort of “home base” for smaller spacecraft to run exploration missions to the earth.

(Disclosure:  When I was in High School, my boyfriend and I saw a UFO at close range on the Army Post where I lived.  This sighting was later verified by my parents and the city news.  So I don’t tend to automatically dismiss theories like the one in the paragraph above.)

Some folks believe that far from a benign experiment to prove the existence of water, this bombing was actually an attack on these extraterrestrial settlements.  It reminded me of something Barack Obama said soon after he began his presidency.  He said something to the effect of, when you become president and get briefed on what’s really happening, it shakes up your world view and rearranges your priorities.

A look at the astrology for the time of the bombing is really interesting.  Our poor Moon was being stressed on all sides: from Uranus signaling abrupt technological interference; from Pluto, explosions and assertions of power; and from Venus and Saturn in Virgo, cold and calculating analysis.  And the lunar nodes were exactly aspected by Mars, the planet of aggression and war.  The astrology doesn’t describe a benign search for water, does it?

Another interesting facet of the story was that President Obama received his Nobel Peace Prize on the same day.  How peaceful is bombing the Moon?  It may seem overly critical and petty, but in a way it reminds me of other actions we humans have taken in the past for which we had no idea of the long-range consequences.  Have we learned nothing from the stripping of the Rain Forest; from degrading our atmosphere; from accidents like Chernobyl?  Why do we think that an “inert piece of rock” orbiting our earth is fair game for experiments like this?

And that’s completely ignoring the symbolism, as referred to by Merriman above.  The moon in astrology rules feelings, the emotions, the people, the family, the feminine, and the homeland.  We dropped a bomb on it, symbolically bombing our own family.  Mars was also at the South Node of the Moon the day Al Qaeda launched their attack on the U.S., September 11, 2001.    Different scale, similar event?

What do you think?  Valid science or absurd violation?  Let’s discuss it in the comments below.