Hi, everyone.

For many years I didn’t link the word “creativity” with the word “business”.  I had creativity firmly in one camp, meaning all those activities that my artist friends engaged in – writing, painting, clay, film, music.  And business was what I engaged in – operations, management, accounting, marketing, training, mentoring, planning. 

As someone with many planets in the house of creative self-expression in my horoscope, I kept waiting for the time I would be able to express my creativity, whatever it was!  I knew it must be there because my horoscope said it was, but I thought it must be waiting for sometime in the future to reveal itself.Celestia_sun

When planets are in Leo I think a lot about creative self-expression, because Leo is the sign of letting our own light shine, exhibiting our own talents and unique place in the world.  It is also a sign of perseverance, of not giving up, of retaining enough confidence in our ability to achieve our goals that we keep applying our energy to the task.

Now I’m looking back on my long years in business and my present efforts to start anew after a ten-year hiatus immersing myself in my spiritual life.  From this vantage point I recognize the immense creativity that is required of any business person in any field.

Just thinking about my current clients I can see how each day they bring their full creative selves to their businesses.  I think about one client who is a Real Estate Broker, how she constantly must think of new and creative ways to market her inventory, especially in this environment.  Or another client who, after years as a nurse, is embarking on realizing her dream of starting a sustainable farm.  The hot-dog vendor who expanded her business into a thriving delicatessen.  The physical therapist transitioning her business to teaching and writing.

In fact, I had a client tell me the other day that she had spoken to an astrologer who had admonished her for not pursuing a more creative career.  As a successful businesswoman in a major industry she said to me, “What made him think there isn’t creativity in developing teams, and strategies, and business plans, and in figuring out how to remodel organizations?”

All of these are creative acts.  And acts of courage, which is hand in hand with creativity and another aspect of the sign of Leo.

In astrology the house that rules creativity is also the house of children:  children of the mind, children of the body, children of the soul.  For every business person, our business is like our child, an entity we created out of our own fervor and passion and that we constantly guide and protect as it grows.  It is our work of art, and we continually shepherd it through outer and inner cycles of change.

Creativity, courage, perseverance, inspiration – these are the qualities of any business person.  Let’s own our art – the art of risk-taking, innovation, recognizing opportunity, and developing talents in others.  The art of pursuing day after day our own vision of what can be.  The art of finance and honing our own field of knowledge.  The art of leadership.  The art of conversation and negotiation.  And all the myriad other creative acts that are part of our daily business lives.

Toot your own horn.  Let us all know in the comments section how you express your creativity in your business.