Taos Pueblo Dancer. (Source:See photo attribution below)

Taos Pueblo Dancer. (Source:See photo attribution below)

AUDIO VERSION: Saturn in Libra

Hello, everyone.

I used to live in northern New Mexico, in Taos, the town just outside the Taos Indian Pueblo.  When there was a major celebration at Taos Pueblo, my friends from the Pueblo would invite me saying there would be “big doin’s” that day.  I’ve always loved that expression, big doin’s, and it comes to mind now.  There are big doin’s in the sky right now, really big.

Welcome Saturn to Libra!

To begin to understand the impact on our businesses we’ll start by examining Saturn’s transit in Libra.  Saturn has been in the sign Virgo for the last two years and will be under Libra’s influence until October 2012.  Saturn is said to be exalted in the sign of Libra, so he brings his best qualities to the matters of the sign as long as we are willing to do the work required.

The energy of Saturn has a natural affinity with business.  Quoting my post, “Saturn in Virgo – Managing by the Details”,

We’ve spoken about Saturn and how its qualities are beneficially associated with business ownership.  Saturn understands conservatism, budgeting, and the needs for controls, policies, and rules.  Saturn contracts the energy of ideas and inspiration into the material plane.  It sees the goal at the top of the mountain and can patiently follow a prescribed plan to get there.  Saturn does rule boundaries and limitations, yes, but willingly accepts these as a fact of life on this physical earth and knows how to put these things to use to accomplish success. 

Saturn in Libra’s idea of Success

So what is success when Saturn is in Libra?  Libra is a major turning point in the zodiac and also in the business cycle.  In the first six signs of the zodiac we are building inner resources and strengthening our skills and innate talents.  When we come to the seventh sign, Libra, we enter the phase of the cycle when our engagement with others becomes more the focus.  It’s almost as if we’ve spent the previous six signs perfecting ourselves so that we are ready to make a positive contribution to the lives of others.

In business, of course, this translates into business partnerships, business negotiations, business alliances – all the activities that take us out of the more personal, more entrepreneurial phases of business and into active engagement with the public, both our supporters and our competitors.  Businesses have a life cycle that is reflected by the zodiac signs and again quoting from a prior post, “The Zodiac and Business Life Cycle – Expansion”,

At the Libra point the business begins to establish partnerships to aid in its expansion and deals with responsibilities to investors.  There will be a focus on networking to expand the customer/client base as well as a further shift in management to a more broad-based model.  As the employee base expands as well, effort goes into recruiting the right people and dealing with human resources complexities.

Leadership in this phase will bring in outside consultants and new board members to engage the skills necessary for expansion.  Legal issues may become more serious now, with outside threats to product brands and legal challenges as the company becomes more known in the market.

So what will Saturn bring to these Libran activities?  What are the Libran ideas that Saturn will crystallize into matter?  Here are some ideas:

  • Fair and equitable partnerships
  • Responsibility to others
  • Social justice
  • Direct, honest communications
  • Respect for and inclusion of the elderly on your staff as sources of wisdom
  • Disciplined responses to threats from competitors


What to watch for

Justice-a good image for Saturn in Libra. (Source:Wikipedia)

Justice-a good image for Saturn in Libra. (Source:Wikipedia)

If any of these areas are out of balance in your business, Saturn will make it known over the coming months.  When the energy of Saturn the taskmaster first begins his instruction, it looks (and feels) like restriction, limitation, and failure.  Things we thought were going smoothly reveal another side.  Anywhere we have polarized – us and the government; me and my competitor;  my partner is the smart one;  I’m conservative and my partner is spending all the money – will be challenged as we learn to reclaim our power in the situation.

Saturn will shine a light on our ability to commit and to do the arduous work to play by the rules of partnership.  It will demand structure and a concrete commitment to fairness and equity.  Fortune or misfortune may look like it comes through others when Saturn in is Libra, but blame will have no place to stand as we are tested regarding our own integrity and honesty.  Saturn is known to demand truth and when he is in Libra he dispels our illusions about ourselves in relationship to others.  Saturn will expect us to act like grown-ups and to run our businesses according to fundamental social values, rather than convenient shortcuts we may have learned from others.

And the payoff?

All this work then clears the way to be able to join with others in cooperative, mutually beneficial relationships.  And remember, Saturn is exalted in Libra, so while it sounds like a lot of hard work, the payoff is tremendous and permanent.

Depending on the position of your natal Saturn, this could be easier for some, harder for others.  But we will all feel the impact and you will see it in the news, too.  And as I said earlier, this is just one of the influences at play during this complicated time.  I’ll explain more about it in upcoming posts.

See you soon!



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