AUDIO VERSION: Saturn Pluto Strategy 2

Hello, everyone.

We’re outlining the strategies to use the current Saturn/Pluto square effectively in business.  So far we have:

Strategy #1 – Alignment

Now let’s look at the nature of the square between Libra and Capricorn, which will lead us to…

Strategy #2 – Identify the challenge


Earth and atmosphere. (Source:Wikipedia)

Earth and atmosphere. (Source:Wikipedia)

The Libra Capricorn Challenge


Libra and Capricorn are known as cardinal signs.  When a planet is in Libra and another in Capricorn, as long as they are close to the same degree, they are in square aspect to each other.  Anytime you have planets in two cardinal signs, there is going to be stress between them.  They both want to implement new activities, but in completely different areas of life.

Steady Earth

Capricorn is an earth sign; Libra is an air sign.  Earth and air – think about it.  The earth is solid and structural; it provides a base for the material world, for everything that has physical being on this globe.  It is also subject to natural cycles which repeat themselves again and again such as the seasons, and night and day.  It is dependable and steady.

As the cardinal earth sign, Capricorn is focused on structures.  It invests in the physical and is the guardian of the material realm.

Air Currents

Libra is an air sign.  Libra invests in and is the guardian of ideas.  Air signs are about our rational thinking processes and the creativity of our motives and intentions.  Air signs represent the ideas and philosophies that circulate among us like currents of air. 

Like the air, these currents have no visible appearance but are critical to our lives.  Air signs are about communications and relationships between people, what passes back and forth between and among us mentally.  Libra is particularly attached to initiating new ideas.

Earth and Air

The realm of ideas versus the physical world.  These two modalities are interdependent:  what would we do with air if we had no earth to stand upon?  And would life exist on this planet without air?  But often we experience them as incompatible and resonate more with one or the other. 

We are all driven to some extent to become proficient in earth and air, material achievement and interaction.  And when there are two planets in square to each other, as with the current Saturn/Pluto square, these goals are in conflict with each other.

Can you identify the conflict in your business?  If so, you’re ready for Strategy #3 – Act!