Hello everyone.

How are you doing?  I thought I should just check in with you today.  Per my last Astro4Business Weekly forecast, this week is complex and today is one of the most complex days of the week.  Let’s look at it a little more closely.

A busy day in the skies

On one hand we’ve got a sweet conjunction between the Sun and Venus in Capricorn with a sextile from Uranus adding excitement.  On the other hand, we’ve got a triple conjunction between Pluto, Mercury, and the Moon in Capricorn, all squaring Saturn which is stationary today.  On the whole, half of all the planets are in Saturn-ruled Capricorn:  Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Pluto, plus the North Node of the Moon for icing on the cake.

(Source:Wikimedia Commons)

(Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Today is an exceptional day to understand the Saturn influence in your life.  This could be the premier day in the year to really “get” Saturn and with the Sun, Venus, and Uranus keeping things light, we can take a look at what we might otherwise not want to see.

The planet of dharma

Saturn represents the principle of contraction, boundaries, limitation, and structure.  In Saturn’s most useful face, he is the energy that takes our ideas and intentions and makes them manifest in the material world.  Each one of us with active businesses owes a debt to Saturn – what was once a current of electricity sparking in our brains has become, in time, a means of commerce.  This is no small achievement; it is the stuff of creation from the very beginning of time.

Saturn represents dharma or right livelihood:  it is the dharma of the Sun to shine, of the earth to rotate, of humans to treat others as we would like to be treated.   Saturn only becomes a problem if we transgress the rules, if we eat the apple.  Then the energy of Saturn becomes retributive, even though we may not recognize the cause and the effect.

Some people have a real affinity for Saturn.  These are the people who breeze through their Saturn return, working hard to achieve their cherished goals.  Others don’t want to succumb to the rules.  Some rail against society’s strictures or the rules of behavior they were taught in childhood. 

Who’s playing Saturn for you?

As part of the fabric of life, Saturn is everywhere.  Externally we recognize its face in our parents, our teachers, our bosses, our partners and government.  Anyone who has authority in our lives reveals Saturn to us.  An older, wiser advisor is Saturn, as well as the policeman who pulled you over for that ticket.

And we carry Saturn’s energy too and exhibit it for others: every parent or business owner knows the need to set limits and direct the activities of others, hopefully wisely. 

So how was it for you today?  Were you playing the role of Saturn, or was someone else playing that role for you?  I expect each of us to have a story to tell about one or the other today. 

But don’t forget that the beautiful Sun/Venus/Uranus configuration is part of today too.  Take someone you love on an unexpected outing or invite your employees out for a beer.  Let all sides of you shine tonight!