Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello, everyone.

A regular reader sent this question:

I have an interview/meeting for a new big and exciting project on Wednesday, it should go well…I think.  Anything I should do or avoid? 

As I wrote in the weekly forecast, this is a week of oppositions topped off by the second contact of the Saturn/Pluto square.  Although oppositions often bring us face to face with others, they can feel like push/pull, or advance/retreat, especially since this one involves the Mars retrograde influence which has been with us since mid-December and will continue until early March.

The advice in the weekly forecast applies to this question.  I’m not surprised there is an important meeting on Wednesday.  Venus represents meetings and alliances, and I agree with the reader, “it should go well,” if you are able to maintain your balance that day.  You may have a sparkling presentation that may wow your prospective client, but with Mars retrograde they may not be ready to act.

As we’ve been working together and I have access to your natal chart, I thought I’d take a look to see what more may be revealed about this.  When I saw your chart, it was one of those times when astrology just astounds me with its ability to forecast timing and to reveal other aspects of a situation.

The clue to success

Your natal Mars is in Taurus, forming an exact square to this week’s Venus/Mars opposition, Sun/Mars opposition, and the Full Moon.  Your natal position of Mars is the clue to success with this meeting.  Mars in Taurus is steady and patient; once motivated it is willing to work long and hard to amass material security.  With Mars in Taurus you understand that actual physical resources are vitally important and this knowledge extends not only to your personal affairs but to your client’s business too.

Make sure the client understands this about you:  that you are committed to their material success and that you are there for the long term.  And remember to make your client’s resources the focus of the meeting, not your own.  It’s not so much a matter of what you can provide, although this should be clear and well presented.  The focus should be on your client’s assets and how you can help them exploit these assets to insure their own success.

In other words the meeting should be all about them.


And then if you sense hesitation on their part, don’t take it personally.  My sense is they are making a second attempt at securing the services they need (Mars retrograde) and may have run into difficulties in their last attempt.  They may be slower to act this time no matter how prepared you are.  So don’t expect a commitment from them right away.  It may take more time than usual for them to come to a decision or gain the approvals they need.  Patience is one of the qualities of your natal Mars in Taurus, so rely on that patience.  This is an exciting meeting and I’m confident it will go well.  Let us all know how it turns out!

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