Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello everyone.

Today I received an email from a regular reader.  Her question gives me a chance to suggest ways you can use the Astro4Business Monthly Forecasts.  She writes:

I answered an ad for a position as a Research Coordinator at a major hospital in my city.  I am really excited, because it brings together both my careers – my first career as a Chem. Tech in Research and Development, as well as my nursing expertise.  The (hopefully first) interview is next week, Feb. 18.  I am looking at Astro4Bus for the monthly guide, but I am not really sure where I am going with it.  If you get a minute, can you try to guide me through this?  I would appreciate it.

Some guidelines

First, some guidelines for using the Monthly Forecast.  When a major life transition is happening, like applying for a new position, the outer planets are always the focus.  The way Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto interact with your natal chart or business chart indicates the major trends in your life.    If you have natal planets in the signs these planets are currently passing through, your life will be affected by their passage.  Even if you have natal planets in the opposite sign or the sign 90 degrees away, you will feel the passage of these planets in a big way. 

This knowledge may be beyond what some of you know about your charts, but everyone knows their Sun Sign, and many people know the sign of their Moon and Ascendant.  These three points and the houses they occupy are extremely important and just with this knowledge, there’s a lot you can tell from the Monthly Forecast.

Jupiter in Pisces spells opportunity

My reader’s Sun is in Pisces.  Looking at the monthly forecast we look for any outer planet that is passing through Pisces.  We see that Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, is passing through the sign of Pisces.  From the monthly forecast we read:

Jupiter entered Pisces, a water sign, in January.  Pisces is concerned with the emotional connections that bind people together.  This often expresses itself as devotion to an ideal, often mystical or artistic, and the desire to lose oneself in the shared feeling of the group.

Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and expansion, is the ancient ruler of Pisces.  This brings a very positive influence to all endeavors that attempt to unite people based on a shared intention for the future.  How should you work with this energy?  Work on connection.  Set up links between people and organizations.  Make venues available for your employees to express their ideas creatively.  Be willing to lead with your intuition and feelings; show your employees, customers, and business associates your heart.  These activities will bring good fortune.

Jupiter in 10th spells success

Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and expansion, is directly passing over my reader’s natal Sun.  From prior work with her, I know that her Sun is in the 10th house, the house of career and public position.  So, yes indeed, this is a time when she can expect opportunities (Jupiter) to expand her self-expression as an emotionally tuned, intuitive person (Pisces Sun) in the area of her career (10th house).

Now that we’ve discovered that Jupiter in Pisces is a major factor for her right now, we can look at the sidebar for any other posts about Jupiter in Pisces.  We see there is another post that describes this transit.  That post has a listing of Jupiter in Pisces going through each house.  Looking at the segment for the 10th house we see:

The sky’s the limit for you as long as you stay sensitive to the currents around you.  This time should be brimming with opportunities for success – if you grab them.  Get out in public with perceptive confidence and crowds will beat a path to your door.


This segment gives a warning about Jupiter:  you must grab the opportunities that come.  Sometimes we feel so good under the influence of Jupiter we think we can rest on our laurels and that opportunities will always be there.  With Jupiter, you need to catch the golden ring when it comes by.

Both posts have advice for the interview:  stay sensitive to the currents and portray perceptive confidence.  Work on connection; show your prospective employer your heart.  Demonstrate that you can link people to organizations, perhaps by talking about how you will link your former research position and your nursing career to benefit your employer.

With Jupiter in Pisces in your 10th house, this may not be the only opportunity you will encounter and if you do get this position, you can expect continuing promotions or expanding work opportunities the entire time Jupiter is transiting your 10th house.

Anything else?

Looking back at the monthly forecast, is anything else in Pisces?  Yes, Uranus is finishing up its sojourn through Pisces.  Using the sidebar on Uranus in Pisces, you may be able to glean more insights about how to handle this time of change.  But just focusing on Jupiter in Pisces gives a lot to think about and work with.

Good luck in your interview and let us know what happens!


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