Hello, everyone.

My work lately has brought me into contact with many people undergoing crises in their business lives.  It’s no surprise, really, with the Saturn/Pluto square in place most of 2010, plus the approaching Uranus entry into the confrontation beginning in May.  These are intense times and problems are bubbling to the surface and boiling over. 

In the past, I have designed business processes to help identify the root of a business problem and how to address correcting it.  It’s interesting that often a business owner will think there is one obstacle when actually it is another causing the problem.

What kind of crisis is it?

VolcanoI’ve begun looking at the transits of the five outer planets in terms of business crises and how to resolve each type of situation.  When I refer to crises I’m referring to those turning points when a business owner needs to fully understand a situation and make a crucial decision.  The particular crisis a business is experiencing has a different root and a different solution depending on the planet that is affecting the chart at a certain point in time.

A brief look at the outer planets one by one will give you a sense of what I’m saying.  In a nutshell:

Pluto – a Pluto transit indicates a business crisis in which old forms of the business are being destroyed, probably very dramatically.  There may be firings of key management, criminal activity, cover-ups, and almost certainly difficulties with finances, banking, and other owners.  Lack of trust and betrayal is probably at the root of the problem.

Neptune – a Neptune transit indicates a business crisis in which trends in the marketplace have swept over the business and caused it to lose its footing.  The owners are probably confused as to how to react because they can’t clearly define what is happening.  There may be deception, uncertainty, unhealthy dependency, and inefficiency.

Uranus – a Uranus transit indicates a business crisis caused by sudden technological breakthroughs rendering the business out-of-date or the product line obsolete.  The traditional ways of dealing with challenge have broken down and there is no centralized structure in place to address the problem.

Great Mississippi Flood of 1927Saturn – a Saturn transit indicates a business crisis based on scarcity of resources such as money, employees, or talent.  There may be quality issues or rigid systems of control.  The management structure is unyielding or overly bureaucratic.

Jupiter – a Jupiter transit indicates a business crisis caused by too many opportunities.  Risk-taking could be leading to overexpansion.  The focus has become too scattered and lack of follow-through causes projects to be invested in and then dropped before completion.  There can be lack of judgment on the part of the owners and extravagance and dissipation of resources.

The problem and the solution

When addressing each kind of business crisis, it’s important to remember that the same energies are at play in the problem and the solution.  Resolving a Uranus type crisis by implementing a strict hierarchical structure is fighting the energy rather than aligning with it.  For a Uranus crisis, the solution would need to be from the bottom-up, with lots of participation from employees and customers. 

It’s also often the case that more than one type of energy is in play at the same time.  For instance, if a business is experiencing a Pluto-type crisis now, they are also experiencing a Saturn crisis since Pluto and Saturn are so related in the skies right now.  That’s why this coming period is so tough.  If any one of the planets Pluto, Saturn, or Uranus is affecting your business, then they all are:  old forms toppling, scarcity, and obsolescence all at once.

Is your business life in crisis?

We’ll discuss this at further length in later posts, especially the process of working with the energy to resolve the crisis, but can you identify with one or more of the situations above?  If your business life is in crisis, try to identify which kind from the thumbnail sketches above.  Then check your own chart or the chart of your business to see if what you picked corresponds to the current transits of these five outer planets.

If you don’t have a chart, see the sidebar to contact me to send your chart.  I’ll also take a quick look and let you know which energy is affecting you most.  Then you can follow along as we look at solutions.