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Saturn Symbol

Saturn Symbol

It’s Saturn Day at the International Astrology Day Blog Carnival.  You could call Saturn the patron saint of business so I’m sure there is pertinent information for all of us.  Check it out here.

Mandi Lockley, whose blog Astroair Astrology is hosting today’s Saturnalia, says, “Written by experienced astrologers, these essays invite you to view Saturn not as a planet to be feared, but as a necessary, helpful teacher whose lessons can help you through life’s challenges. They also offer some useful, practical resources, some down to earth advice and some inspirational coping and healing tools.”

So dig in.  Some titles I think are interesting are “Saturn Transits – What Do They Mean for Your Career” and “Astrology of Time Management:  Bringing Balance into Productivity.”  If you find others that are particularly applicable to business life, let us all know in the comments.

To review my posts on the business aspects of Saturn in Libra, see the articles in the sidebar at the right.  Here are a couple to get you started.

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