Phases of the Moon, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern hemisphere will see a mirror image of this phase. (Source:Wikipedia)

Phases of the Moon, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern hemisphere will see a mirror image of this phase. (Source:Wikipedia)

Hello, everyone.

Writing from just outside London, with pretty English gardens full of daffodils out the window.  This week features the New Moon, a social vibration, and Mercury turning to retrograde motion.  And of course, for the U.S., April 15, tax day.  Whew, glad that’s over!


Wednesday morning, EDT, hosts the New Moon in the sign of Aries.  This New Moon marks the week as one of the best of the year for new beginnings, new ideas, and new hires.  But a word of caution:  with Mercury turning retrograde on Sunday, it has already begun to slow its motion in preparation for its U-turn.  Communications may already lack clarity and agreements are open to reversal.


This is the U.S. personal income tax return due date.  I think it’s interesting how it falls into the month of Aries.  This gives us enough spark and energy to get the job done, and also lets us put the last year to rest while we are in the upswing of the renewal of Spring.  Out with the old; in with the new!


This is a very pleasant and pleasurable day with Venus in Taurus in harmony with Jupiter in Pisces.  This spells generosity and practical creativity.  Financial stability is on our minds and we have the intuition to make progress toward our goals.  This is a day of opportunity.


Today the planet Mercury begins retrograde motion for the next three weeks.  Retrograde Mercury is a great time to review, repeat, reenlist, renegotiate – all those “re” words. 

Also on Sunday the Sun receives input from Neptune.  This puts you “in tune.”  Sunday is a day of inspiration, a perfect time to blend leadership with compassion and a desire to serve.  How about a barbecue with your staff?  Or an outdoor music concert, all invited? You may be surprised how much you gain.

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Let me know how everything goes.

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