Good Day

You want to be starting something, you got to be starting something.  

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With the Moon in Aries today, you’re itching to get something going, get some project off the ground.  Enough aiming, it’s time to fire!  But…

None of the other influences support you today.  First of all we’re at the very end of the Lunar Cycle which is the time of finishing projects begun in the last month. And with Uranus semisextile Neptune, the general trends are contradictory when what we need is clarity.  Even your own dreams, which seemed so clear last night, seem foggy this morning. 

You may even have too much information.  With input from every direction it’s hard to know what’s valuable and what’s just static.  This is the question of the day:  what does the customer really want in this time of upheaval?

With Mercury in Taurus your computer systems can be sluggish and your purchasing or negotiating efforts bog down.  Mercury turns retrograde later this week so it’s best to just patiently address each situation.  Try to discipline yourself for the long-term fix rather than an expedient solution.

Later in the day Venus in Taurus slows you down again, only this time a colleague may seem stubborn and purposely inflexible.  Don’t misread the situation.  They want to move forward too.  They are just being extra cautious about the financial aspects of the deal.  Better to listen and collaborate than to proceed without them.

Let me know how it goes!

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