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Good Day!

Today is the day of the New Moon in Taurus.  The New Moon is the day each month when the Sun and the Moon are in the exact same degree of the zodiac, this month at 23 degrees of Taurus.

There are differing opinions about the energy of the New Moon.  Some astrologers suggest that the Sun and Moon are reinforcing each other on this day which makes it a great day to begin something new.  Others suggest that the Solar energy has so overtaken the Lunar energy that the Moon has disappeared.  They say there should be no action taken on this day as the imbalance of male and female may make us too inclined to act without the benefit of our subtle intuition.

I’d say that action is tricky on this day.  For one thing, most people don’t know the exact time of the New Moon and so some part of the day is the absolute worst time to begin something new:  the hours just before the New Moon.  And I perceive the exact moment of the New Moon and the hours just after as times of stillness.  Yes, there is something new forming but it is just at the point of conception and needs some time to quietly grow into emergence.  It would be easy to miss or misinterpret the signal you receive so soon after the moment of birth.

So I would pause today, especially since just before the Moon is new there is a challenging aspect between the Moon and Mars.  With the Moon in stubborn Taurus and Mars in over-confident Leo there is intractability to the highest degree.  A stand-off between a territorial Bull and an angry Lion:  not something you want to be in the middle of, especially since neither is likely to get its way.  Whether you’re the bull or the lion, the good news is the Moon moves quickly.  If you count to three (or one hundred) the impulse will pass.

By the way, the New Moon is exact at 9:04 pm EDT.  Add or subtract the hours for your time zone to calculate the New Moon where you live.  In some locations the New Moon is on May 14.

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