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Good Day!

Today the Moon travels from 27 degrees Aquarius to 4 degrees of Pisces, aspecting Saturn, Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto along the way.  These planets are all outside the orbit of the earth, ruling the less personal sphere of our business lives.  The issues and concerns of our environment, community, and the whole world intersect with our business concerns today.

This is one of those days you may feel like a pinball (I’ve got to find a more current metaphor for this!) as you get pushed, pulled, nudged, and knocked by other people’s agendas.  We may bring it on ourselves, since we may not be able to focus our attention and we welcome some of the interruptions.  But as soon as we open the door to one, the others will come flooding in.

It’s your choice.  Occasionally it’s worthwhile to have a day like this, what I call a “floaty” day, where we go where the tides take us.  And with the Sun in Gemini we’re looking for diversity of opinion and style.  If you let yourself just receive input today, tomorrow you can update your goals with what you learn.

Especially for you Geminis, but really for all of us while the Sun is in Gemini, here’s a very fun and astute look at the Gemini state of mind by astrologer and therapist Debra Silverman.  You can see the rest of the signs if you scroll across the bottom or visit her site at Thanks to cj wright at Auntie Moon. I picked this up on her site.

Have an entertaining day!

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