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Hello, everyone.

I wanted to write a special post about the coming Full Moon, which is exact on July 25, Sunday, at 7:36 MDT.

For as long as I have been studying astrology, I never really noticed until I began writing weekly forecasts how benevolently time and space interact with us here on earth.  Through the planetary movements we see how we are given constant challenges and opportunities for growth, while always being supported along the way.  For example, I recently noticed that when there are a couple of weeks of really stressful aspects in the sky, indicating obstacles and tension in our daily lives, there follows a very light week astrologically, custom-made, it seems, for assimilation and rest.

We are entering the height of the summer of transformation, when most of the outer planets, the ones that really bring challenge and change, are forming difficult aspects with each other – aspects that indicate opposition, restriction, dilemna, conflict, and eruption.  I’m sure you’re feeling this or at least seeing it played out in the lives of people you know; you can’t miss it on the global scene.  It’s like life is demanding that we each step up to the plate and decide what we want to create as our future  – whether in our businesses, our relationships, or as global citizens.  Each of us can see the lines drawn in the sand and must decide where we stand.

Mystic Rectangle

Enter the Full Moon in the middle of all this stress.  Often, when the Sun and Moon oppose each other in the sky, the Full Moon illuminates and exacerbates conflict.  It is often a time of heightened energy and demand.  Yet this Full Moon performs an interesting feat:  it serves to balance all of the other tensions of this time.  It forms a pattern in the sky called a Mystic Rectangle which some astrologers call the aspect of “practical spirituality.”  The planets are still forming their difficult aspects yet the Sun and Moon, from across the sky, provide relief valves to siphon off the stressful energies.  Harmonious aspects pour down, balancing the intensity with harmony, support, and good will.  The configurations bringing difficulty this summer are softened by the Sun and the Moon, allowing the energies to pull together in alignment.

So this weekend is the time, par excellence, to come to terms with whatever difficulties you’re grappling with in your business or personal relationships.  Solutions will present themselves and potentials for the future will become apparent.  The main risk is we have become so used to dealing with hardships, we may not notice that there is an open road ahead.

If the energies of this time are not affecting you personally, then it is the perfect time to mediate for someone else.  Instead of us versus them, we can find our way to balance with this Full Moon.  And take note, the solutions you reach this weekend will keep you rock steady for the rest of the summer.

The Master Potter

I once heard an adage that a spiritual teacher is like a potter, pressing and shaping with one hand, while the other hand firmly supports the clay from within.  This coming Full Moon is like that master potter, revealing the difficulties and pointing the way out, too.

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