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Hello, everyone.

This is a very active week, hosting several of the major configurations astrologers have been talking about all year.  It is also the week that Mercury and Mars change signs and then add their input into the mix of outer planet shenanigans.  If you like riding roller coasters, you’re loving this summer.  In fact, this week is so charged that I’m only going to cover one of Monday’s major aspects in this post.  Stay tuned as we fully explore each day as the week unfolds.

But what if you’re not experiencing anything out of the ordinary at all?  This is because all of the activity within these major configurations is within an extremely small range of degrees of the zodiac.  Each sign of the zodiac has thirty degrees, counted from 0 to 30.  All of the major planetary activity this summer is between 0 and 3 degrees.  Giving some latitude on either side, if you have planets or chart points such as Ascendant or Midheaven between 27 and 30 degrees of any sign, or between 0 and 6 degrees of any sign, then this summer’s transformation is especially for you.  And I have no doubt you know it!

If you’re in the rare circumstance of having absolutely no planets or points in those degrees, well then it’s your task to lend a hand.  Your colleagues and staff need you as they battle their inner and outer dragons!

Saturn/Uranus Opposition

Monday is the big day of the week, although with aspects of this magnitude the effect has been building for a week and will linger for another.  Three aspects vie for supremacy today, each strong in their own right.

Probably the most powerful is the fifth out of five Saturn/Uranus oppositions which have been playing out in the sky for a couple of years.  I’ve written several posts about this major aspect which I’ll list with links at the bottom.  In a nutshell, we are pushed and pulled between the past and the future; between the tried and true and the untested potential; between the reliable and the risky.  If circumstances force us to tether ourselves to what’s worked in the past, we’re chomping at the bit for change.  If we’ve been catapulted into something brand new, we long for the security of what we know.  We need to adapt to today’s unique environment and yet we don’t want to let go of what has worked in the past.  And we shouldn’t!

(Source:Wikimedia Commons)

As I was driving across Texas in my recent move from the East Coast to El Paso, I saw an image that perfectly represented for me this Saturn/Uranus opposition.  I was staring out the car window at huge wind turbines, the really tall ones with the three pronged arms.  There is a stretch of highway in Texas where there are hundreds of them and literally hundreds of miles of electric lines carrying the power away.  Suddenly I saw a freight train wending its way across the desert with a long line of cars and I then noticed oil wells drilling away under the turbines. A man on horseback rounding up some longhorns completed the picture.  The oil wells, the freight train, the man on horseback:  each an innovation from the past that is still extremely valuable today.   And the wind turbines:  a new technology and potential energy solution springing from a very old idea, harnessing the power of the wind.

This mix of the old and new is what we’re grappling with under this Saturn/Uranus opposition.  We’re being required to recognize the importance of each, and to use the appropriate tool at the appropriate time.  Oppositions can appear as either/or propositions but there are other ways to deal with them.  One is to find the point where you can appreciate both sides equally and mediate solutions for those who insist it has to be one or the other.  Another is to seesaw between the two, keeping each in its place for the value it brings to specific situations.  Another is to combine the two, like sending the oil drilled in those fields by way of freight train to refineries, or routing the energy from the turbines overland to preexisting electrical grids.

The best of the past in service to the potential of the future – that’s the balance to strive for under this Saturn/Uranus opposition.  How have you managed to combine the old and the new?  Please share with all of us in the comments.  Don’t be shy, this aspect has been happening for two years – I’m sure we all have an example or two.

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