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Good Day!

Today is one of the lighter days of this very dynamic week, although it has its share of challenges.  It’s a day of Earth and Air, two very different realms, which you may have to negotiate all day long.  Mercury, Venus, and Mars are in Virgo; this is your “at their desks early, organized, and ready” team; while the Moon and Neptune join in Aquarius, your “straggle in late and need coffee” team because of the brilliant ideas they stayed up with last night.  See the classic Earth/Air conflict?

Mercury enters Earth sign Virgo today, a very strong placement for this planet of thought and communication.  When Mercury is in Virgo we tend to get specific, perfectionistic, and even critical in our thinking.  We want our paperwork organized and communication precise and have no patience for foolish ideas.  Mercury wears several different hats and when he’s in Virgo we become shrewd negotiators and detectives.  Combined with the current placement of Venus and Mars in Virgo, we will want all spoken and written communications to lead directly to commerce, and we may lose our temper with idleness or too much social networking time.

And yet there are some very strong influences leading in the other direction today.  With the Moon in Air sign Aquarius meeting Neptune, another contingent is running on imagination, input ,and inspiration, which just looks like a fool’s errand to the other group.  The very highest outcome for today would be “productive creativity” with your staff collaborating to bring their brightest ideas to concrete plans and outcomes.  But these two viewpoints are so different there’s very little chance of reconciliation.

Maybe it’s just a day to agree to disagree.  I don’t think the creative thinking types are going to buckle down to productivity today, and I don’t think the ones focused on getting “real” work done are going to leave their desks for any non-linear, right-brain activities.

The aspect between Virgo and Aquarius is known as a quincunx, 150 degrees apart.  Astrologers recommend “adjustment” for this aspect with each side compromising for the other but I think we should just let the two camps diverge for a day or two.  These influences, especially the Moon’s, will pass soon enough and it’s just not worth the energy it would take to bridge the gap between the two.

And for you “one person shop” readers, if all of this plays out within you, just do whichever feels most natural and call it a day.

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