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Good Day!

Let’s check in with the Moon today.  The big bad planets, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter are getting all the press these days with their big bad aspects.  But day by the day the Moon continues its quiet, eternal journey around the Earth, reflecting the Sun and expressing the continually changing conditions of our daily lives.  I love the constancy of the Moon, how no matter what else is going on with the planets, she waxes and wanes and visits each sign of the zodiac month after month.

The Moon gives form, timing, and structure to our lives, channeling the light of our essential self into activities.  In business, the Moon rules our employees, those people who, given our lead, become extensions of our own will and determination to succeed.  The Moon also rules our customers and the public in general, underscoring the philosophy that the situations and people we meet are aspects of ourselves.  Sometimes they reflect what we like to see; sometimes we’re less than willing to recognize our own intentions and actions in the people and circumstances of our lives.  But day after day we see these reflections, just as the Sun is reflected by the Moon.

The Sun is in Leo now and today the Moon enters Gemini.  We’re at the very end of the lunar cycle, just a few days before the next New Moon on August 9.  This is the part of the cycle when we begin to let go of what has engaged us for the last month or so; it’s the time to hand-off our current projects to others.  This natural cycle divests us of present responsibilities so we can be open to the seeds that are inspired and planted at the next New Moon.

As leaders in our businesses, we need to keep our desks cleared to a certain extent.  If we are bogged down with details and commitments it’s hard to recognize and take advantage of new opportunities for growth and success.  At this point in the lunar month, we begin that process of desk-clearing and with the Moon in Gemini the process is facilitated by all things Gemini:  writing, speaking, reading, conversing, communicating.  When Gemini is featured at this phase of the cycle, we should find it easy to hand-off our projects as other people’s natural curiosity abounds.  Your staff is willing to learn something new and you’re willing to let something go.

We’re lucky today because the Moon in Gemini forms positive aspects to most of the outer planets.  This will be like a review of what you’ve learned recently and what you want to pass on.  Just stay tuned in and you’ll have one interaction after another that imparts lesson after lesson today – knowledge and skills you can collect and then disseminate to the right people.

So now is the time to look at your workload and say, what can be delegated?  Who should I train?  What needs to be communicated to whom so I can de-clutter my workspace and my mind?  It’s like breathing, another process connected to Gemini.  Right now we’re almost to the end of the out-breath – and the more you breathe out, the more space will be available in your lungs when you next begin to breathe in.  So exhale completely over the next few days; then you’ll be able to breathe in maximum inspiration, excitement, and enthusiasm next week at the New Moon.

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