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Good Day!

Are you feeling this New Moon?  I certainly am:  low energy, low concentration, a desire to curl up and stay quiet, just listening.  And yet, the Leo Sun combined with the Leo Moon doesn’t want to just stay in the background either.

It’s so interesting how the various conversations in the business blogs always reflect the astrology of the day.  Today it’s all about leadership, almost every article examining the issue, and especially (still!) the issue of the leadership styles of women and whether women can ever reach the top of the power pyramid as easily as men.  This seems so appropriate when both the Sun is in Leo (male-style leadership) and the Moon is in Leo (female-style leadership).

Being female, I’ve always been interested in feminine styles of leadership and have followed the careers of various women in seats of power in small and large organizations.  And it’s apparent that some of the same issues I was reading about in the eighties have followed us all the way to 2010:  Are women naturally inclined to power?  Is power the only measure of business success?  Can women only aspire to leadership after their childrearing choices and duties are fulfilled?  As much as some things seem to change, some things are so entrenched they don’t ever seem to change at all.

And yet it’s still worthwhile to examine these questions, and to correct them if they are out of balance in our businesses.  Woman or man, business people are deeply invested in developing the qualities it takes to succeed, whether culture names these qualities male or female.  Leadership includes a healthy dose of competitiveness coupled with a desire to bring out the best in others.  It includes a willingness to toot your own horn with the humility to give credit to others.  A penchant to lead mixed with a desire to serve.  Sharp, exacting skills and a creative eye.  From my research, the best leaders B-L-E-N-D.

The Leo Sun joined with the Leo Moon – the time to start something new, something bold, something courageous.  The best of Leo gives audacity, but the audacity that comes from internal confidence rather than a need for external recognition.  Perhaps we should dedicate this new month that began yesterday at the New Moon to audacity.  Let’s each find something audacious to accomplish, a goal that surprises even ourselves.

Today is the perfect day to pick a short-term project that projects us right to the top, where Leo feels at home.  The Leo Sun gives us confidence; the Leo Moon gives us tenacity.  The Leo Sun lends a flair for the dramatic; the Leo Moon instills leadership qualities.  The Leo Sun aspires to power; the Leo Moon defines personally-relevant metrics of success.

Pick your project early in the day; later the Moon enters Virgo which is a very different note.  We’ll examine the waxing Moon in the sign of the Virgin tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day; remember to B-L-E-N-D whether you’re female or male.

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