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Good Day!

After yesterday, one of the stumbling blocks of this summer (or winter for those down under) is over with the final Jupiter/Saturn opposition.  Things should be looking up for a couple of days!  The waxing Moon in Sagittarius brings a renewed sense of optimism, even if it’s just the recognition that we made it through yesterday’s storm unscathed!  And if you’re a little wounded, today will help you put it behind you and regain your equilibrium.

With the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Sagittarius, we begin to see the way to the success of the new endeavor we initiated last week during the 1st Quarter Moon.  The audacious idea of the New Moon in Leo gained from careful planning when the Moon was in Virgo, was vetted with our allies when the Moon was in Libra, met with resource issues when the Moon was in Scorpio, and now overcomes that challenge by casting a wider net with the Moon in Sagittarius.  The Moon in Sagittarius brings people with expansive ideas and the knowledge to back them up into our sphere for a couple of days.  This is a time to take in other perspectives and allow your idea to become bigger, to take up more space, to broaden beyond the limitations of its initial form.

In addition the Moon makes beneficial contacts with four other planets today.  It’s like everyone you meet will give you a gift.  You’ll learn about taking a calculated risk from an adviser, as the Moon meets retrograde Jupiter in Aries.  Then someone older and more mature will bring emotional sobriety and endurance (Saturn in Libra,) your sales team will be good-natured and happily compliant (Venus in Libra,) and your operations people will add to the mix with quick and rational responses (Mars in Libra.)  Interaction by interaction your project takes more and more shape as it builds to its final form when the Moon is full on August 24.

And for those who work alone, these same influences will come to you via the contacts you make and the mail that crosses your screen.

Enjoy today, look afar, let your confidence build along with the Moon.  The next couple of days will be good ones.

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