Hello everyone.

On Sunday the Sun moves into the sign Virgo, marking the end of our summer of transformation.  Virgo is particularly concerned with assimilation of all that has transpired, and with Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, in retrograde motion we can expect a fruitful month of reflection.  In the Northern hemisphere the harvest begins, an apt image for our own process this month.

Everyone has Virgo somewhere in their chart; it’s a natural part of the cycles of time.  Below you will find a wonderful video by Debra Silverman.  Debra has recorded a series of pieces in which she practically channels the energies of the different signs.  Although presented with wit and humor, I find them to be quite accurate impressions of each sign.  If your Sun sign is Virgo I’m sure you will resonate with the video; even notice how she is dressed and her hair! But seriously, watch the video and see if you can recognize the traits and qualities of Virgo that contribute to or detract from effective leadership.

If your Sun is in a different sign, watch the video anyway.  We all have the Virgo spirit operating in some area of life.  Play a game with yourself.  Watch the video and see if you can name an area of life where you think these qualities apply.  Then check your chart to see if this is where your Virgo is hiding.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this time of transition.

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