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Good Day!

Today all of the action is in the very early morning hours, at least in my time zone, MDT.  If you’re reading this in Europe, Asia, or Australia these influences will be more apparent in your workday; for the rest of us we’ll have to get up early to participate.

The Moon has transitioned into Aries where it meets a series of challenging events signified by the planets Pluto and Saturn and the Sun in Virgo.  Aries is a rash and independent energy at odds with both the Pluto/Saturn square (yes, it’s still in effect, even though it has begun to wane) and the practical, industrious goals of the Sun in Virgo.  The Aries Moon wants to break free:  free from the recent stresses and free from the productivity demands of the Virgo time of year.  The Aries energy wants to revel in its own spontaneous creativity and be unhampered by work routines, interpersonal relationships, even the cycles of nature.

Sounds a bit adolescent, doesn’t it?  That’s a good image for the Aries Moon during the next couple of days.  And if you do feel like rebelling, you might want to give it some thought.  What is hampering you?  Why do you feel you need to break free?  Is the source of your feeling of limitation external or are you weighing yourself down with imagined responsibility, duty, and deadlines?

I was speaking to a client today who has been well-“seasoned,” shall we say, by this summer’s fire of planetary aspects.  The Jupiter/Uranus/Saturn/Pluto T-square hit so many of his chart points there was practically nothing left unscathed.  In a leadership role in a large company, he has finally begun to realize that many of the rules and restrictions he has been following are entirely self-imposed.

His breakthrough came when his boss remarked that perhaps he wanted to “continue to be a martyr.”  This really stung but as it sunk in he realized that he carries an image of success that can only be won by grueling hard work.  His boss doesn’t work like that; neither do his peers.    But he puts in so many hours and shoulders so much responsibility that the only way he can imagine a reprieve is to quit entirely.  Now that he’s begun to grasp that he’s the one making the rules he wonders whether there’s another way to work, a way that includes some frivolous play.  This Aries Moon is for him.

The adolescent Aries Moon encourages us to play, to try a new way, to take a risk.  It can also make us, or those around us, prone to fits of temper and poor judgment.   So before the impulsive side of the Aries Moon shows up and you literally walk off the job, why not give over to a younger spirit for the next couple of days.  Make a commitment to throw off any self-imposed duties.  Throw the hook – even for a couple of hours.  And let your team take a break too.  You may be surprised at how much creativity is released with some play time.

For those close to time zones, get up early and go for a fun run.  That’s a good way to start the weekend, too.

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