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Good Day!

And I do mean good day, as the waning Moon in Gemini forms very nice aspects to Mars, Venus, and Neptune right in the middle of the working day.  Later in the evening there’s a square between the Moon and Uranus, but in a way that’s just more support for a vibrant, mental, adaptive day.

Air signs rule the day today which means this is an excellent day to connect, communicate, and collaborate.  Both Venus and Mars are in Libra which lends a creative, relational atmosphere to the day.  Bits of data will be zipping back and forth among people and I don’t mean just through the internet.  Don’t be surprised if you pick up an idea from someone before they have even verbalized it themselves, and if this happens, make sure you share the credit.

With Neptune in Aquarius joining the crew, look outside your local environment to the world at large.  People of all stripes are on the same wavelength today and your best input can come through your social media contacts.  Or if you’re the one with the message to share, be sure to get it out through your networks to as many people as possible.  It could go viral today.

You may find that today is ideal for bridging a gap between you and another person or group.  With so much air influence and Neptune on the scene, we are more likely to recognize our similarities than our differences with others.  We’re willing to come to terms with anyone who shares our worldview today, even a competitor or adversary.  If you get the opportunity, begin with a short chat and see if you can proceed into some real communication from there.  Speaking with ease and listening with care are both in the stars today.

Best yet, this is the day, par excellence, for handing off a project or idea to someone else to run with.  The waning Moon has begun its last week of the lunar month, which is the time to start letting go and emptying your workspace and your mind.  This will free you for the next impulse at the next new Moon.  With everything about communication in your favor today, it should be easy to teach and easy for others to learn.

There’s something in the air today – enjoy it and make the most of it.  (Disclosure: with a Gemini Moon and Gemini Rising Sign plus three other planets in air signs, I must admit I’m partial to a day like today!)

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