Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Good day, and welcome to a really interesting week.  In this post I’ll give you an overview of the week as a whole, and then in the daily blog we’ll go into each of these topics more thoroughly.  There’s not a lot going on but what is going on is a lot!

Overall, we’ve got the waxing Moon and the general energy of growth and reaching for the potential we recognized at the New Moon last Wednesday.  We also begin the week with Mercury standing still (at least it looks that way to us) and then resuming direct motion.  Both of these indicate that “the time to hesitate is through.”


Then we’ve got a whole lot of Pluto/Scorpio energy in the mix this week.  This new emotional tenor began last week when Venus entered Scorpio and we can see a perfect example of this influence in the big blow-up between HP and Oracle.  In case you missed it, in brief it is a story of two long-time collaborators and competitors in conflict over confidential trade secrets.  It includes a spicy understory with a sexual harassment suit, intertwined technologies, a highly public firing, a shareholder suit, and an inappropriate personal relationship between a Wall Street darling company president and a former actress.  Is that enough Scorpio for you?  If there is time, I’ll unpack this story for you in astrological terms over the next couple of weeks.  It’s a great case study of the impact of Scorpio in business.

This week there is likely to be more of the same, both in the public sphere and within our own businesses, with the planet Pluto resuming direct motion.  Pluto has been in retrograde motion since April 6 and resumes direct motion on Monday.  When a planet becomes still in the sky just before changing directions, its power is said to be increased.  Since Pluto represents the collective survival instinct and the willingness to annihilate anything that threatens that survival, we can expect some very intense illustrations of this energy this week.

And to throw fuel on the fire, Mars, which represents our personal instinct for survival and conquest also enters the sign Scorpio this week.  Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio and is very strong and comfortable in that sign, so one more dose of Scorpio energy!


Toward the end of the week we encounter the second of a series of three Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions, which is an equally powerful though not so confrontive configuration.  Jupiter represents expansion and Uranus represents innovation, but they are both in retrograde motion and have moved back into the prior sign of Pisces.  This could be an extremely creative time of seeding the next breakthrough in your business and we’ll certainly speak more about this later in the week.

More Mars/Pluto/Scorpio

There’s no respite over next weekend either.  On Saturday, Mars and Pluto are in harmonious aspect, and with these two in harmony, the rest of us had better run!  It reminds me of the bully and his sidekick in The Christmas Story, a movie I love and watch at least once each year at the holidays.  We may feel like a helpless child when up against these two as allies, and again we’ll unpack this more during the week.

And then on Sunday, the Sun and Neptune reach a turning point in Neptune’s retrograde cycle.  This point indicates a need to adjust to unseen powers or the sacrifice of a cherished goal.

So, that’s enough, right?  A lot of this will be acted out on the bigger stage but some of it will no doubt intersect with our own lives.  Try to be an observer of the energies.  I have a feeling we will all learn something important as this story unfolds.

Be sure to check back in each day as we investigate this interesting time.

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