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Good Day!

Have you noticed the direct motion of Mercury yet?  Several clients have gotten in touch to ask what’s happened.  They can’t get off the phone; projects in the planning stage have suddenly been given the go-ahead; back-to-back meetings keep them running all day; transportation issues like airport pick-ups and fleet issues are colliding.  When I tell them that Mercury has resumed direct motion, they understand.  They’re also relieved and excited.  They know this is a sign that progress can be made and the planning, logical, reasoning, objective mind has returned – in themselves and their staff!

Today we’re at the midpoint of the waxing Moon cycle, with the Moon in Sagittarius forcing us to expand our original idea.  The plan we hatched with the Virgo New Moon may feel a little small and a little too specific now.  The Sagittarius Moon urges us to take it out of the box, beyond the borders of our original idea.  You’ll have to work on balance today, balance between your own inclination to keep things practical and your recognition that you want to see how far and wide this idea can go.  This could feel like scope-creep, and yet some expansion of scope will make your project more viable.

And, last but certainly not least, Mars enters the sign Scorpio today until October 28.  Mars in Scorpio is a force to be reckoned with:  powerful, productive, but potentially destructive if not handled well.  Mars is the planet that represents personal will, the part of us that sets goals and pursues them.  It is intensely self-focused, we want what we want, and usually this energy is a powerful ally in business.

When Mars reaches the sign Scorpio, though, a fundamental transformation has to occur in our drive.  Scorpio’s realm has to do with interchange and interconnection.  Ambitions are realized through interaction with others.  If a person is willing to apply their drive in concert with others, there’s no more effective position for Mars.  At its best, Mars in Scorpio brings mastery at marshalling other people’s resources toward a common goal, whether this means the ability to move your staff in a coherent direction or convincing bankers and shareholders to support your vision.

Sometimes Mars can feel thwarted in Scorpio and we are unwilling to include concern for others in our plans.  If the situation requires us to march in step with the whole team, we may feel impotent, like we are losing our edge.  And then the worst can come out, including defensiveness, vengeance, retribution, and distrust.  What’s worse, Mars in Scorpio is absolutely opposed to getting things out on the table.  Afraid of humiliation, true feelings are hidden which can set up a cycle of blame and resentment.

As a leader, how can you deal with this?  First of all, this is no time to hide your head in the sand.  A mentor once told me to be “wise in the ways of the world.”  Be extra vigilant during this time and cognizant of the emotional currents between and among people.  Watch your staff’s interactions with customers.  Reach for candor in all your meetings.  Challenge people to express themselves with vulnerability and if they do, reward them with your loyalty.

And for you?  Searing honesty about your own motives is the only way.  Take note if you experience the visceral Mars in Scorpio feeling:  heat rising from your pelvis that feels like fear in your stomach and anger in your heart.  If you feel this, it’s time for self-examination, and with Mars in Scorpio you might have to dig deeply to find the source of the feeling.

Ever experimental, let’s see if we see an instance of Mars in Scorpio playing out in our workday today or tomorrow.  Often when a planet changes signs, we get a signal about the issues we will confront during its passage.  You may not want to share it in the comments.  It is, after all, Mars in Scorpio.

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