Astrologer Observing the Equinox by D. van Wijnen-c. 1680 (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Good Day!

You may get the feeling today that everyone around you is more tuned in than you are, whether it’s your clients, your employees, or your family.  The Moon in Pisces is channeling the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction we’ve been speaking so much about lately.  The Moon is almost full and it’s true; people around you may be picking up on what’s happening because they are listening more carefully.  As the leader you may be a couple of steps too far in the future.  Try to show up exactly in the present moment and you’ll hear what they are hearing.  And the news will be good.

Of course, the big news of today is the Equinox, the exact moment that day and night are of equal length.  It only lasts an instant even though we celebrate it for an entire day or even the whole month of Libra.  The Equinox is a time that reminds us of change and of the motion in our solar system that creates our sense of time.  This is the day that the scales are tipped and the balance shifts.

One client mentioned that she always feels that today is the last call for making sure her yearly goals are on track and it’s true:  this is the three-quarters point through the year.  Other clients begin their planning for next year at this point; enough of the year has elapsed that they can recognize its pattern and prepare for the next.  Many people have related the feeling of anticipation as the season changes, and the connection to all of the earlier times we’ve been through this exact same point in the cycle.

I’m having a rather unique experience this year.  For twenty years I lived at 7000 feet, where the change of seasons was marked by dramatic shows of color in the drying grasses and shivering aspens.  After that I lived for ten years in the northeast United States which is known the world over for its display of autumn trees encompassing every shade in the color wheel and a few that aren’t even named.

This year I’m in the extreme southern part of the United States, palm trees swaying, roses blooming, it’s 95 degrees (35 C) while I write this in mid-afternoon.  All my neighbors are celebrating how much cooler the weather has become and how much the season has changed.  I have to really peer beneath the surface to notice any difference.   And I do notice that the light has changed, the shadows have lengthened, the sun is hitting my porch at a different angle.  But mainly I feel displaced in time and can really get a sense of how much I rely on these seasonal signals from nature to alert me about the passage of time and give me a sense of the rhythm of life.

The September equinox point is the beginning of the zodiac sign Libra, the sign of the scales of balance.  But the balance is tipping; it never stays still.  Change and motion – today is the reminder of the cycles of time.  Can you take some time to celebrate?

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