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Good Day!

Today the Moon enters fiery Aries and immediately reaches the Full Moon stage with an opposition to the Sun in Libra.  And oppositional seems to be the keyword for the day, as well as volatile, confrontational, and conflicted.

With the Sun in Libra you may be able to keep an even keel but you’re likely to feel you’re in the middle of a tempest.  Something about the Full moon forces conflicts to rise to the surface and become starkly apparent for all to see.  With the Moon in Aries, the sign of the god of war, there can be a feisty and belligerent tone to the day.  And then the Moon forms difficult aspects with much of the rest of the zodiac which brings challenges in many different guises and forms.

Under all this pressure, our projects and tasks of this lunar cycle roll toward fruition.  But we may have to take a stand and resist people who want to take things too far or in a different direction.  The Aries Moon may incite your customers or staff to demand something new but this lunar phase is about taking something already established over the top, bringing it to perfection, and displaying the fully-baked product for all to see.  See if you can channel the excessive entrepreneurial energy of the day into polishing and presenting.

One thing to watch for today are mistakes.  The Full Moon in Aries can be impulsive and independent and this can lead to damage if you don’t manage it well.  As much as possible foster an environment of teamwork, or at least a buddy system, today.  Make sure each person runs every decision by at least one other person before they take action.  Partnership and cooperation are the foil for the excesses of the Full Moon in Aries.  You’re likely to see less errors if everyone is teamed up with someone.

Even if you’re a one-person shop, run your work by another objective party today before you take it public.  You’re under the same influences – they just all manifest within you.  Find a way to balance independence with collaboration.

On the heels of the equinox yesterday, this is a most powerful Full Moon.  You don’t want to put the brakes on; you just want to maneuver well and carefully through the curve.  Use this energy to show what you and your team of capable of.

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