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Good Day!

Today the Moon is still in its full lunar phase in Aries.  Although the exact moment of the Full Moon has passed, the next few days carry the same energy.  It’s time to bring your tasks and projects to completion, and demonstrate their value to others.

This feisty, independent energy of the Moon in Aries has one problem today – Mercury in Virgo.  Mercury represents our rational thinking processes and all communications and meetings.  Mercury in Virgo requires precision and organized plans and presentations.  The Moon in Aries just wants “to be starting something” and cares little about precautions or perfections.

You may have to adjust one or another party’s expectations, or separate the two camps for the day.  The best use of this energy would bring your firm’s excitement and winning attitude into careful communications, with everyone’s best interests in mind.  Seems like a fairly tough assignment to me!

Today begins the 14-day Hindu celebration of Pitru Paksha.  Pitru (forefathers) Paksha (phase of the Moon) is an annual celebration honoring ancestors.  It is said that the ancestors return to earth during this time, and honoring them helps their souls remain content.  It is traditional to give charity at this time as a way to give back to those who gave so much to us.

“Ancestors” in this context has come to mean all those whose blessings have allowed us to live a full and happy life.  This refers to all of our biological ancestors, but also any mentors or guides, school teachers, coaches, spiritual advisors, anyone to whom we owe a debt of gratitude.  For those of us in business, it’s a great time to remember and thank anyone who enabled our success, anyone whose example inspired us, or who gave us an opportunity when we needed it most.  It’s also a great time to reach out to others for wisdom and to share our own with others.

Have a wonderful weekend. May all of your guides and guardians be pleased to continue to support you in the coming year!

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