Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello, everyone.

The first part of the week is relatively calm, a good time to put the finishing touches on projects and to begin to hand them over to a second-in-command for long-term implementation.  Or perhaps you’re ready to complete an assignment and submit the finished product to a customer.  Either way, the waning Moon provides the energy to begin letting go of the concerns of the immediate past.

Starting on Thursday, we meet the major aspects for the week, although the first is strong enough to influence the entire week.


On Thursday the Sun in Libra encounters Saturn in the same sign.  In astrological theory, Saturn is very strong in Libra and the Sun is weakened.  Saturn thrives on the rules and discipline that contribute to stable relationships, the realm of Libra.  The Sun, on the other hand, much prefers independence to interdependence and would rather shine as the center of its own system than have to share the limelight.  As they meet, the strong Saturn stamps the Sun with its influence.

This is the beginning of an annual cycle; every year the faster-moving Sun crosses the position of Saturn, beginning a new cycle of interaction between the two.  In a best case scenario, our role as leaders (Sun) becomes infused with discipline, structure, and strategy (Saturn).  We arrive at the point in the year when we assess how far we have come and become ready to build on our previous accomplishments.  In the worst case, we feel disappointed about our progress and feel our own power is limited.  This can lead to over-relying on systems and policies rather than a sense of our own natural authority.

Possibly we’ve recently lost a trusted advisor; now is the time to reach out to someone new.  An older, more experienced business-person is always an asset, a mentor or sponsor who can serve as a role model and advocate for your success.  In fact, this is the perfect time of the year to redefine your idea of what true success has come to mean to you now.  Then you’ll be in the perfect position to choose the right person to bring balance and wisdom into your world.

Friday & Saturday

Two weeks ago we experienced a major Jupiter/Uranus alignment.  Deep in the recesses of your mind, a new idea was being born, an innovation that could influence the next decade and a half in your business.  Last week the Sun and the Moon brought the message of this configuration into our conscious world, either through our own insight or through other people’s input.

On Friday and Saturday, we will have another chance to capture the point as Mercury opposes Jupiter on Friday and Uranus on Saturday.  With Mercury, those of us who are more analytical, who like our inspiration in bits, bites, and data, may be the ones to clearly see the future.

If you already caught the Jupiter/Uranus inspiration during the last two weeks, this is the time to get your best statistical or mathematical minds to do some scenario planning.  Forge the links between your leadership team and your analysis team and see what they come up with.  Don’t begin to implement yet, though.  Jupiter and Uranus are still in retrograde motion.  It’s best to keep big, new endeavors in the planning stages now.


Venus and Mars meet in Scorpio on Sunday after performing a most interesting dance.  Usually Venus is the faster-moving planet and she laps Mars each year.  This year Venus and Mars joined in Libra in August and now will join again on Sunday.  But contrary to their normal motion, Venus is in slow-motion as she prepares to turn retrograde, while Mars becomes the faster-moving planet, lapping Venus.

When they met in August Venus was strong in Libra and Mars was weakened.  Now, Venus is weakened in Scorpio and Mars is strengthened.  It’s like everything has gone topsy-turvy in the last six weeks!

All this boils down to relationships. Venus and Mars represent the yin and yang of relating.  In business Venus represents our social instincts and the compromises we make to maintain long-term professional relationships.  Mars is our competitive drive and our ability to apply our energy and effort to overcome obstacles and win.

We will probably see raw ambition trump interpersonal skills for a while.  This could be a good thing if you’re on the giving end but a disaster if you’re on the receiving end.  So mind your p’s and q’s this whole week and especially on Sunday.  Recognize that there is an imbalance and hold off on decisions which impact Venus’ realm:  creativity, design, product lines, public relations, negotiations, and pricing.

And a Note

Over the next three weeks, look for the weekly forecast and the monthly forecast for October.  I’ll also cover major astrological events such as the New Moon and Venus Retrograde and there’s a guest post coming up I’m sure you’ll find valuable.  I’ll be less regular with the A4B Today feature as a big project is in the works for my alter-ego company, Ellen Longo CPA, CFP.

Enjoy your week!

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