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Good Day!

A perfectly smooth day today with aspects of ease between the Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn.

Actually the Moon/Mercury aspect occurs while most of us are sleeping so if you’re reading this the evening before put a pen and paper by your bed.  You may just get the inspiration you’ve been looking for and you’ll want to jot it down before it vanishes.  And if you’re reading in the morning think back to last night.  Anything worth remembering?

Later in the day you’ll get a boost of energy from Mars in Sagittarius.  You and your key employees will be thinking out of the box this afternoon.  Exploration and adventure will be on everyone’s mind so keep the creative juices flowing, even if it’s Friday.  If you’ve been tinkering with a new product idea, today’s the day to toss it to other people and see what they think.  You may be surprised how much further they take it, sensing applications you weren’t even aware of.

You don’t have to be afraid of going overboard though because the final aspect of the day is between the Moon and sensible Saturn.  Not just fun or frivolous, whatever your team comes up with will have practical applications and a good chance of actually being implemented.

Have you tried anything new this week?  I am toying with taking a blogging bootcamp.  The first week is free so I’ve been participating.  Good ideas so far.  Here’s the link in case you’re interested.   Oh, and by the way, the bread I mentioned in yesterday’s post was just OK.  It looked beautiful but lacked flavor.  More experiments to come.

Have a fun Friday and a relaxing weekend.

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