Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello, everyone.

This week the Moon winds down, losing light until it merges with the Sun at the New Moon on Sunday.  Despite this general loss of energy there are also several important aspects during the week which will require us to step up and exert ourselves.  Take extra special care of yourself this week.  These are conflicting influences which could tax your body.  Rev up when you have to, and then cycle all the way down when you can.  Massage or long slow walks will help keep you in balance.


On Monday Venus re-enters Scorpio, covering the same ground she passed over in early September and early November.  You may see matters come back to the table for negotiation, this time with much more information and understanding of the people involved.  The moving parts will make more sense to you now and you may wish to re-organize (one more time!) in order to get the proper players into the proper positions.  Your efforts will pay off this time as Venus will stabilize in direct motion now for the next eighteen months.

In your business operations you could see a parting of the ways today, perhaps one part of your team veering off in a direction that the whole group won’t understand.  With Mars in Sagittarius challenging Jupiter in Pisces, it’s up to you to stand on the balcony today and make sure you understand the patterns which are evolving.  You’re the one with the long view and you’re likely to have a better sense of future opportunities than any of the conflicting factions.  You may have to make a judgment call to curb overconfidence or impulsive actions.


On Tuesday, Mercury leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn.  From the free-wheeling Sagittarius energy we’ll enter a much more serious frame of mind.  You’ll see a heightened ability to concentrate and deliver on promises.  Watch out for a tendency to lose your sense of humor just when you need it most!

Mercury in Capricorn is great for planning and strategy, so if you still have your 2011 business plan in front of you, set time aside to work on it between now and December 18th.  Due to retrograde motion, Mercury will slip back into Sagittarius which will be great for the holidays but not so good for serious planning.


With a supportive aspect between Mercury in Capricorn and Venus in Scorpio today, you will see conversations flow, good news, and a spirit of compromise and agreement.  This is an excellent day to buy new equipment, especially computers and the like.  This is one of the days this week when opportunities for growth may present themselves and ideas start to take on lives of their own but remember, we’re also winding down to the New Moon.  This is not the week to initiate a new endeavor but that doesn’t mean we can’t gather good ideas and dream a little.


Thursday’s another tricky day considering the phase of the Moon.  It’s definitely not a time to initiate new action, but on the other hand initiatory Mars is in excellent aspect with intuitive Neptune so the urge to act will be powerful and possibly warranted.  This is a particular day to take care of yourself if you feel there is an opportunity just too good to pass up.  Go for it, but rest, too.  In fact, it’s in the resting that the best of the inspiration may come to you.


Today we enter the balsamic Moon phase, the dark of the Moon, when all of nature slows down and becomes still.  This is a fantastic phase for intuition, for tuning into the future and receiving inner guidance about what is coming next.  New approaches to old problems can suddenly rise to the surface if you allow an “empty, dormant interlude between [the] two cycles to do its mysterious work.” (Rael and Rudhyar, Astrological Aspects)

Ah, but letting ourselves be dormant will be tough today with a Mars/Uranus aspect: we’ll more likely be chomping at the bit!  We’re tired of waiting, we’re tired of stalling, and most of all we’re tired of everyone else’s opinions about what we should do.  Today we’re willing to fight for freedom from restraint, and as the leader of your team I must warn you:  everyone else is willing to fight too.  This can be a tense, stressful day as everyone tries to meet their own personal needs, possibly without regard for anyone else.

This aspect is valuable; it’s about trying to square the need to move ahead with the knowledge that there is more to be revealed.  You may not be able to avoid decisive action today despite the phase of the Moon and you may run into more push-back than usual from your team.  It will be up to you to stand your ground.


Sunday is the power day of the week.  It begins with the New Moon in Sagittarius.  The New Moon brings a release of energy and new possibilities at every level.  Wait a couple of days to take action though.  On the actual day of the New Moon it’s hard to discern the difference between what you wish for and what has true potential.

Next, Mercury meets Pluto in Capricorn.  This aspect has the potential to expose hidden dysfunction in your business and bring practical solutions to overcome it.  It can also expose hidden resources, both talents and financial strength you were unaware of which can lead to a whole new beginning for your company.  Major change may not be accomplished in a day or even a few weeks; this is the very starting point in the Mercury/Pluto annual cycle.  But respect and document what comes to your attention today.  Great power and potential can be released into your mind.

And then last but not least on this incredible day, Uranus, the last planet in retrograde motion this year, makes its station and resumes its normal direct motion.  This signals a turnaround in all business matters influenced by the planet Uranus:  industry structures; innovation; new technology; invention; community impact; creative destruction; and rapid redirection, to name a few.

So I’d say we have our hands full this week, wouldn’t you?


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